The Seeds of Apostasy

-by Paul Holdren.

[I found this a very insightful comment. We need to be aware that the prosperity which results from doing things with humble dependence on God, diligence and godly wisdom can bring the temptation to SELF-RELIANCE which I have noted in my own life is the prelude to humiliation]

John Wesley recounted that within every revival were the seeds
of apostasy. By this he meant that with revival came righteousness,
with righteousness came favor, with favor came prosperity, and with
prosperity came the temptation to self-reliance. The temptation of
self-reliance is the first step away from God. It is sad that people
are willing to serve the illusion of prosperity by means of self-reliance.

As Americans we can definitely see how this insight fits our country.
Our land was birthed with the ideal that a nation should have the
freedom to worship the true and living God according to one’s
conscience. The Almighty had blessed our nation with righteousness.
With righteousness came national favor, with favor came prosperity,
and now we, as a nation, bear the burdens of decline resulting from
our own self-reliance. As American Christians we can see how the
Spirit of the Lord could speak of a church that sees itself as
“increased of goods and have need of nothing” (Rev. 3:17).

When idolatry’s seed of self-reliance yields its crop of perversion,
poverty, and struggle—many who claim to be worshippers of
Almighty God will turn to other gods. These gods are the gods
which originate in the satanically manipulated carnal heart. These
gods are conceived in the human imagination and constructed by
human hands. These gods of imagery are bombarding Americans
now, seducing us in a downward spiral of the media’s ongoing
promotion of abomination against God.

Our present “it’s the economy” or “it’s health care” politicians have
replaced Jeremiah’s prosperity prophets, giving us a false sense of
security by proclaiming blessing and peace upon the land. Our
“soft-sell” preachers are proclaiming health and wealth, while the
glory is preparing to depart from our places of worship. “Change
that makes a difference” will not come by the hands of men.
“Change that will make a difference” will only come when we cast
our idols down at the foot of the cross.

Where are the believers like Ezekiel today? Where are the watchmen
on the wall of a nation’s destiny—crying out that the enemy is
coming, that the glory is lifting, and that God is turning His back?
Political correctness tells us not to speak in such a manner.
Religious convenience tells us not to prophecy such, for the people
have ears that need to be tickled (II Tim 4:3). As passionate believers,
we cannot help but speak a word of warning. As passionate oracles
of the truth, we must speak the promise of restoration grace in
order that many may be given the opportunity to cast down their
idols and return to the God of our fathers.

-Paul Holdren,

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  1. Chris Petersen says:

    How to Identify the “Word Of God” and those who are of God.

    Dominus illuminatio mea is the motto of the University of Oxford and the opening words of Psalm 27, meaning, “The Lord is my light”. The Word of God is “The Good Oil” [fuel] that keeps our Lamp lit.

    Dearly Beloved of God and our Lord Jesus Christ or nay. Let they that hath an ear to hear, hear, read and understand the words that I render unto you this day.

    The word “render” means to give and moreover to “Give Freely” (NO STRINGS ATTACHED or RECOMEPENCE [meaning remuneration/payment], for the Lord commanded us “of that which ye freely receive, freely give”).

    Copyright © (as in; “owner of the words” or “Mark my words”). If used in reference to a Bible means the following: ©ounterfeit, ©orrupt, ©oined, ©ontemptible, ©ollusion, ©onspiracy, ©hanged, ©onvert, ©onundrum, ©onfusion, ©onfound, ©ontraband, ©ommodity, ©ommercial, ©ontradictory, ©ontrawise, ©ontravening, ©ontrived, ©ontroversial, ©ontentious, ©arnal (meaning worldly or Earthly).

    Registered ® (as in; Name, Trade Mark ™ or Logo/Seal). If used in reference to a Bible means the following: ®eprobate, ®ancid, ®efuse, ®ubbish, ®ank, ®etouched, ®evamped, ®eworded, ®eworked, ®efutable, ®ebadged, ®ewritten, ®emodelled, ®eproved, ®epugnant, ®epulsive, ®ecalcitrant, ®evokable, ®efutable, ®egurgitated, ®eturn.

    Give not that which is Holy (The Holy Bible or The Word of God) unto dogs, neither cast ye your Pearls before swine (the unholy or those who mind only earthly things) lest they trample them under their feet (turn it into swill or TROUBLE IT) and turn again (return it corrupted) and rend you (do you harm or damage).

    An owner “Stakes their Claim onto it” (fastens their Seal or Posts a Superscription).
    An Inventor “Stakes their Claim for its workings and function” (fastens their name [Brand] or Patent on it).
    An Artist “Stakes their Claim for the work” (leaves their Mark thereon).
    An Author “Stakes their Claim to the words and sequence thereof” (assigning their name to it); Authorship for Commercial purposes (for money or control of their use) claim Copyright bearing to mark “©” and cannot be duplicated, published or Cited without the express permission of the Owner of the written material.
    An Identity (Corporation, Organization or Group) “is everything that identifies it” (Logo/Symbol/Trademark which can be Registered bearing to mark “®” or “™” and can also be granted Copyright bearing to mark “©” to any of it’s intellectual or printed material).
    An Identity (Individual) “is everything that identifies it” (DNA, Appearance, Finger-prints, Palm-prints, Toe-Prints, a Given Name/Names, Sir name [sometimes represented by heraldic blazon or banner or crest or house] or even the Number of Hairs on their Head).
    An Avatar “is an assumed identity” (an identity taken on by oneself, an alias, “also known as” often abbreviated to “a.k.a.”, a façade, disguise, attempt to conceal one’s True Identity or a deception).
    A Creator “Stakes NO CLAIM to anything or anyone of their Creations” (Ownership of their Creation “goes to them without saying, branding or Title Ship”).
    A Holy Bible “Is The Word of God” (there are NO Publishing Rights “Domini Public” or “free for all to reiterate [speak] and cite [reference or quote]”, NO Copyrights “©” and NO Registered Logos/Titles/Acronyms “®” or “™”, indeed bears NO HALLMARKS OF SATAN [the world or any person or group]). The Holy Bible gives us assurances totally dependant upon “Quid Pro Quo” meaning “What for What”, Faithful through Faith, Loving through Love, Honourable by Word and Deed, Righteousness for Righteousness, a reciprocal bond of Poetry in motion when all is “Said [Word] and Done [Deed]”. Those that have a “Dim View” of the Scriptures, Prophecies, Gospels and Epistles in Holy Bible, see it as unrighteous because they read it from an unrighteous [worldly] perspective. Those that have an “Enlightened View” of all of the Holy Bible, see the Righteousness therein because they read it from a Righteous [Godly viewpoint] perspective. A picture tells a thousand words, however the picture and words it tells changes when you change your standpoint or point of view. Jesus forewarned all his Disciples prior to passing the sop that the one who betrays the Son of Man shall feel better if he had never been born [go crazy and seek death under their own hand, because of unbearable guilt of betraying the innocent Blood of Christ, his Beloved Friend, Lord and Master]. Jesus was troubled in the Spirit; because he was about to send a Beloved Friend to do something that Jesus knew for certain would cost Judas Iscariot his life.

    That which is sealed in our hands are all that we have written (sealed under the hand of) and that which is sealed in our foreheads are the words that proceed form our mouths (sealed by our tongues). What are our HALLMARKS? Are they of the world or are they of God? By the very words that proceed from us shall we be known (whether by hand or mouth), and by those very words shall we be judged, for each man hath but ONE ACCUSER (himself).

    If therefore thou have been given or acquired a Bible? Check the HALLMARKS to see whom the words belong. If it be an Holy Bible (word for word translation) then it contains the Word of God, for the Lord does not “mince His Words” (jumble them). If it be not a (word for word translation) then it has been trampled under the feet of a deceiver (become corrupted and thereby unholy) and will bear the HALLMARKS thereof. Therefore ATRIBUTE that which is God’s to God and that which of the world render (return) it to it’s WRITEFUL OWNER.

    “Let no man deceive you by any means: for that day shall not come, except there come a falling away first, and that man of sin be revealed, the son of perdition;” 2 Thessalonians 2:3

    May God through Jesus Christ save us all. A-Men.

    Christopher John Petersen. Ad finem fidelis
    29-2-2021 Anno Domini

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