the raptured church

Rev chapter 4 verse 1 John saw 24 elders in heaven,12 old testiment prophets,12 new testiment saints,but new testiments saints could only be there if the dead in Christ rise first,then we which are alive meet the Lord in the air,and shall remain with him forever.after chapter 6 in rev the word church is not mentioned anymore until chapter 19,the word church is used 14 times in rev chapters 1-6,HE is no longer speaking to the church from chapters 6-19 because it has left the planet!as in the old testiment words such as temple,daily sacrifices,offering ,and such as was done before Christ,the word church is not used in the old testiment either,when Christ returns to earth at the end of 7 years,he sets his foot on mt of olives,and it will split into,this is not (2 shll be in the field 1shall be taken the other left,2shall be grinding ,1 shall be taken the other left.Jesus said to his church he will keep it from the hour of temptation…The church is in tribulation everyday now at this time,only those who choose not to believe or serve will be in the great tribulation,but even then his arm is not shortened,that he cannot reach down and pull us out if we can stand the pull.amen!!!!!you cant come down with him if you never went.

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