The Queen of Heaven

My family grew up Mormon or if the want to get technical L.D.S. I remember being taught in primary that Jesus & satan were brothers & that they both had a plan. Satan wanted to tell men what to do so that they would do as he told them to do & that jesus gave them his choice & God approved jesus’ plan thus making satan Jealous. The bible never speaks of Jesus as satans Brother. Jesus is Gods Words in The flesh & without him nothing is made that was Made. Satan was once an Angel jesus was never an angel. He created the Angels. For. All things were made through Jesus! Next I was taught in seminary that there had to be a Mother In Heaven because God needed a pattern. This is not so. In fact it limits who God is. The God of the universe the great god who spoke the heavenly hosts into existance & created the earth just in the right distance from the sun that we don’t burn up and placed it not too far away so that we do not freeze. This God Needs a pattern. I don’t think so. And if you have read Genusis than you would hear that god called animals after own kind. Yet when he came to looking for someone to help adam. He couldn’t find one! Don’t you think that that would have been the best time for a pattern. Because all that he would have said was, make a female for Adam from her kind.”. But that is not what happened. He took the woman out of adam & Adam named her Eve. These are just a few miss conceptions that are taught in the Mormon religion. YEt very few seek to know & understand what they read. It saddens me, Because they want to believe in God so deeply but they are So very Misslead. I will pray for their eyes to be opened so tHat they Can see & their ears to be open to hear & last & most important, for their hearts to be softened toward the trth. Your sis in christ Annette

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