“The Pretender”, part 2

“The Pretender”, part 2

I’m working on a book/movie draft. If you know about tbe book, “The Pretender, part 1 , then this might be interesting info for you. It’s about part 2 and recent changes made…”keep reading”…

I’ve learned so much since part 1 and actually been reminded of the things, in a recent story plot where a creepy character, like you – my readers have talked about.

This one is a woman character who secretly lived as a bulimic lesbian crack-addict for years and even manifest either demons or mpd symptoms, and has been an enemy stalker for years who fed off the flesh and sucked the life out of family and friends, like a vamp.

Anyway new revelations about the truth, depth and history of her wierd ways have caused me to refocus and retarget my process of elimination of excess, troublesome and undesirable characters in the context of my stories.

This one character, for years, did weird things in an effort to (comminicate actions or images to words) like she would train her surrogates to “Poke” you in the “Belly” or “Stomach” and and it would just “Make You Sick to your Stomach” knowing what she was doing, trying to communicate and she would post pictures in online galleries or even more specific and recent (Hang a painting) like a “Girl Herding Sheep” on a wall for you to see and even stage a painting on the floor as if it “Fell” or “UMMM”- (verbal pause as in a vm msg), or representing a “Fall”… maybe?

She was very transparent (like her co-star) and careless in hindsight. Her favorite thing would be to repeat words and phrases over and over. She would do this when (sober), (alone) and under (no duress) and its not hearsay, but heard in “face to face dialogue”. She would say over n over things like, “Me too!” and “I wanna go!”, and using statements towards Harmless loved ones like “I’m not affraid of you anymore” and other times “paulie girl”, “miller lite”, “toxic”, “cashmere”, “brit”, “wow”, “threehundred dollars” “spiffy”, “royal” “carribean” = “rock collector”, (shall I list the song names) and sooo many more examples that it makes me “Sick to my Stomach”!

We often talk about this at “The Office”, at concerts where they Play Cold music or Da’ Cook up comedy with a commedian and at Zelda’m seen “All Blacks” events and “RWC” (retargeted to woman classes) yes sooo many things ARE recognized, known and documented, but most of all “I” know the truth about YOU= THE CHARACTER who is being permanently written out of the story.

These things having been personally experienced have taken me past the stage of unbelief and mentally and emotionally making excuses for her to be a part of the firm decision in the plan to Finish My Story in the near future, immediately if not sooner.

NOW I’ve come to my senses and made me realize no more chapters or story-phases are needed to take care of the villain character who’s been acting as an intentional wreck to “my story” way back from “The Beginning”,

I know a bad character and the source of “Weird and Evil” when I see it first hand, therefore previous drafts plans will be scratched.

I hope YOU understand, in the first rendition this character was to have been rescued by a “White Knight” and carried away to a simple, but romantic, emotionally rewarding life by “Living off the Land” (but close to Metropolis) where she was loved and cherished like she was the only woman in the world, plot scrapped.

We are now scrapping “Story Plot #2 (two) where the “other” villain was to be (redacted for copyright reasons), but not eliminated from the story because that would make it Too Easy for her the plotting accomplice. It would have been a “It takes 2 to care for one, a LIFETIME MOVIE for her where she would have to “Get a Job” to take care (redacted for copyright reasons) and (redacted for copyright reasons).

Now our new plot #3 will have the previously beloved accomplice fingered as the mastermind and now the ending will be totally different. The time for this, due to scheduling, planning, surveiling the characters traits and movements as needed, will obviously be ambiguous, but the moment that we are deciding comfortably releasing the event it will be instant and to the viewers it will be painless a relief…with no grace for thems worst nightmare movie event, but with her character originally portrayed wrongly as the accomplice eliminated by writing her out of the story since she was a corrosive, useless, “Weird and Evil” (thats what she said), corrosive crack h anyway – we will then further deal with the framed partner in the story as needed base on the stories progression.

Its a serious change thats been thoroughly considered and needed to bring the story to a conclusion and final approval by the sole writer has been recieved.

I’m so glad our original presentation was “temporarily aborted” as this has been a real “Battlefield of the Mind” but we are committed here to a swift resolution, due to the depravity and deceptive destruction even though theres an emotional connection of the character with her need for Radial keratotomy (RK) and “Coke Bottle Glasses”, “childhood abuse”, “alcoholic parent” and that beloved “Blue Aqua Chair” where they sat and told her husband (who was always unavailable) and told him she new about his affair with her (redacted for copyright reasons) which had been exposed by, the same.

It has been difficult, but I’ve accepted this ending with the connection being severed will rest easy with my soul readership group. I thank God for His Grace – whew!

We’re ready to commence and go find…
The VOICE of the WIND!

I thank a silent mentor of mine, Shyju Mathew for his recent encouraging words…

“Press in Don’t quit!”


“The journey with God is overwhelming. I want to get to that point of no return in God. Wreck me God.”

Yes I will and won’t be falsely lulled into complacency again!

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