The Power of Words

JULY 2014
The Power of Words

“Though shalt also decree a thing, and it shall be established unto thee: and the light shall shine upon thy ways” (Job 22:28)

Genesis 1:1 reveals to us that in the beginning God created the heaven and the earth. We don’t know how much time elapsed between Genesis 1:1 & 1:2, but we do know that the earth was “without form and void. The original Greek renders this as desolate, empty, wasteland, and chaotic. In other words, everything was a complete and total mess.

The Spirit of God hovered over the chaos, but He didn’t do anything. He was present, but He didn’t move into action until God spoke… “Let there be light!” In other words, instead of meeting with the other members of the Trinity or the angels regarding the magnitude of the situation, God spoke the desired end result, and then fully expected what He said to come to pass (Romans 4:17).

Sometimes our lives can resemble a chaotic mess with no apparent solution, and yet we can sense the presence of the Holy Spirit with us. We may wonder, “God, why aren’t you doing something about this situation?” The Holy Spirit will never leave us nor forsake us. He hovers over the desolation and chaos in our lives, and even comforts us in the midst of it. In fact, He is easily touched with the feelings of our infirmities and struggles, but much of the time He can do very little about our situations.

When God was presented with a difficult situation, He spoke and decreed what He wanted to come to pass, and then He didn’t worry about it anymore. He trusted the Holy Spirit and the Word to bring to pass what He had spoken (Genesis 1:4).

In the early days, before Noah, men lived to be around nine hundred years old. God saw that, with all of the extra time on their hands, men got bored and got into trouble, and so He declared that our days would be one hundred and twenty years (Genesis 6:3). After this, Noah lived to be nine hundred and fifty years, but the lifespan of men from Noah to Moses began a gradual, yet steady decline. This continued until Moses, who lived to be one hundred and twenty years. There are people today who live to one hundred and twenty years (give or take a few years). It came to pass just as God had said. It is an established boundary, set forth by God’s spoken Word.

The release of words by someone in a position of authority is so powerful that God had to silence a man named Zacharias (who was a priest at the time right before the birth of Jesus) (Luke 1:20). The angel Gabriel was sent with the good news that Zacharias and his wife Elizabeth would have a son, in answer to prayers that they had prayed years before (Luke 1:13). Zacharias should have been overjoyed that what they had prayed years before was in the process of coming to pass, but not only did he forget about his prayers, he also forgot his faith.

Zacharias had grown old and weary, and his heart had become hardened… “Whereby shall I know this?” “For I am an old man, and my wife well stricken in years” (Luke 1:18). The birth of John the Baptist was very important to the plan of God, and If Zacharias was allowed to continue to speak, his words could have hindered or even aborted it. God said, “No, I’m not going to allow this to happen,” and He prevented Zacharias from speaking until after John was born (Luke 1:20).

Satan will bring an evil report through circumstances, and then apply pressure in order to deceive us into believing and speaking what he wants to bring to pass. He will deceive us into using our own authority against ourselves. Job had said continually, “It may be that my sons have sinned, and cursed God in their hearts.” He became obsessed with this fear, and it gripped him constantly (Job 1:5). Job was terrified that his sons and daughters would curse God in their hearts, and that God would bring a curse upon Job and his house. Job spoke what he feared, and then demonstrated his fear with action (in the obsessive offering of sacrifices). Satan used Job’s words and actions, and presented a legal case to bring to pass the very thing that he feared, and God could do little to stop it (Job 3:25).

A couple of years ago I had a mechanical problem with my truck, and since I was taking home-time, I took it to the Freightliner dealer near my home. I was frustrated over the problem, and in disgust and anger, I told my wife… “It will probably take them all week to fix it!” I was due to go back on the road in a couple of days. However, from the very first day in the shop, they began having the most absurd and ridiculous problems and issues. At one point they literally forgot that my truck was in the shop, and couldn’t figure out which mechanic was supposed to be working on it. I had phoned them on numerous occasions, but it was as if my truck had become invisible. They finally ordered a part, and told me that they would have it by the next day, but when the delivery truck came in, no part was on the truck. It was very odd, and it seemed to me as though they were intentionally messing everything up. “How could anyone be so incompetent?” I had thought to myself, and purposed that I would never bring my truck to this shop again.

Finally, it had been six days, and there was no sign of anything improving. I said to my wife, “Let’s just pray.” We stood in the kitchen and asked God for wisdom according to James 1:5, and as we stood there praying, my wife said to me, “Do you remember what you said the day that you brought the truck into the shop?” I had forgotten, and so she reminded me… “It’s probably going to be there all week…” She told me that it had bothered her at the time that I had said it, and that the Holy Spirit had brought it back to her just then. I knew that she was right, and I repented just as quickly as I could, and bound the authority of those words. We both had a peace, and knew that the problem had been resolved. A few hours later the shop called me and told me that they had received the part, and that the truck would be ready in the morning. The next morning, the truck was ready as they had said. I never would have been able to figure out the root of the issue without the wisdom of God, but once we knew what it was, it was easily fixed.

The good news is that the rules have changed since the days of Job. Jesus went to the cross and defeated principalities and powers (Colossians 2:13-15), and we can repent and take authority over words that we have spoken, and shut the door on the devil immediately. When we are faced with a difficult situation, we can stand boldly in the face of adversity and declare God’s promises with all diligence and authority. The angels of God are poised and waiting to act when we respond in faith and declare God’s Word (Psalms 103:20).

Our words carry a tremendous amount of spiritual power and authority. They set in order the very course of natural events, and in the end, determine life and death (James 3:6, Proverbs 18:20-21). In fact, what we believe and speak is the foundation of our eternal salvation (Romans 10:9-10), and the basis by which the whole Kingdom of God, and the world of the spirit operate.

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