The power of intercessory prayer and spiritual warfare

My testimony began years ago when as a child of 11 years old I was saved and called to the ministry. After 20 years of training and testing God finally put me into the service of a minister. now at 51 years of age I have seen many many miricles along with signs and wonders that prayer alone has accomplished. not only have I prayed for healing for other and seen it come to pass but i have prayed and rebuked spirits off of individuals that were miles away and God miraculously healed and delived them. I have seen cancer stopped dead in it’s progressive tracks.
But the greatest ministry ever is to see the reformation of the 5-fold ministry and the development of the “ministry of the saints” where the laying on of hands and anointing has released them into their gifts and callings and begun the process of them becoming the “measure of the stature of the fullness of Chirst”
God is rebuilding the church he had first intended to build with the Apostles and Prophets being the foundation and Jesus Christ being the corner stone. It is awesome to see it all coming together.

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