The Power of Healing Prayers to Break Evil

     The power of healing prayers are often underestimated. Many people remain skeptical if they have not seen first hand the miracles prayer can do. What most non-Christians do not understand is that when you have Jesus as your savior, prayer is all that is needed to break evil bonds like black magic and evil curses. Yes, all it takes is prayer.

     For many years I thought that healing prayers alone were not enough to break evil magic on me. But that was because I did not have Jesus as my savior.  Countless years I spent reciting healing prayers from all different religions to try to get God's grace to heal my evil problems. And all those healing prayers were an utter waste of time. My prayers never got answered, and nothing ever changed.

     When you take Jesus as your savior, healing prayers work fast. If you are praying endlessly and find that none of your prayers are being answered, it is probably because you have not taken Jesus as your savior.

     If you are suffering from evil problems, but you have taken Jesus as your savior, then it is a matter of knowing what healing prayers to recite. There are certain techniques that should be followed in order to effect any changes in your life from these healing prayers.

     If you have not taken Jesus as your savior, and you are tired of saying healing prayers with no effect, then I urge you to take Jesus as your savior. With the proper healing prayers and effort, you WILL see results and will be able to break evil bonds and magic from you quickly. Jesus is the key. He makes the healing prayers fruitful. 

Anika Virigina DeMarco is an author, speaker, and counselor on spiritual matters. For spiritual help, please contact her at

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