The New Sanhedrin—Fulfilling Bible Prophecy

Israel has just celebrated its 60th birthday…. This was greatly kept out of much of the media… Israel has many enemies and one enemy is the media….You will not read about the new Sanhedrin that is coming together since 2004… It is made up of Orthodox and ultra-Orthodox rabbis…..They want Israel to conform to the Torah and the rabbinical laws…. Their goal is to not only rebuild the Temple in Jersalem but reinstate the priesthood, restore the sacrifical system and Temple worship but also opposes giving any Jewish lands to the Arabs….This new Sanhedrin is called the New Jewish Congress…
The government of Israel is pushing to abandon Judea and Samaria and its settlers living there…The Jewish settlers are now ready to establish a second Jewish state if need be and they are ready at all costs to protect their lands whether it be from the government or from the Arabs wanting to settle there….Land is very precious to the Jew and in the Bible as it is today, no respectable Jew would sell his land for it is an inheritance from God and is passed down from father to son….
All of these signs and plans are a great indicator that the last days that are told in Bible prophecy are closer ever day….
Let all our hearts be prepared and to be able to say “Come quickly Lord Jesus” …..


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