The Miracle of the Sugar Glider

The miracle of the sugar glider happened on the 9th of September 2009 on the day my daughter Clarisse was sitting for her UPSR examination, it was the second last day of her examination.

As the days approached Clarisse (Age 12) and Celeste (Age 10) birthdays on the 9th and 10th September, it would be a tradition for us to buy their birthday gifts early and they would only be allowed to open it on their birthdays. However on this year my money from my clients had all delayed for some reason or another.

I tried frustratingly to get it out, but NOTHING WORKED!!

So on the day of Clarisse birthday, I went to the office with a heavy heart. The buying of gifts for my daughters would have to wait. I was so disappointed.

On the same day, as the examinations finished at 9.30am, Constance, my wife took the kids for breakfast to a nearby restaurant in Taman Melawati. As they approached the restaurant a noise came from Clarisse’s school bag.

Shocked by the noise, Clarisse and Celeste freaked out and they screamed “MUMMY THERE IS A RAT IN THE BAG!”.

Now being a person who hated rats, Constance remained cool and as they reached the restaurant, she parked the car, dragged the bag from the side of the MPV, expecting the worst horrendous creature to come out.

To her surprise, out came this rat looking thing, it hopped and climbed up a tree. The kids screamed “MUMMY, IT IS A SUGAR GLIDER”. Now glancing up at the tree, my wife thought that “Wow, God gave my daughter a sugar glider for her birthday, what a miracle”.

The sugar glider perched herself up on a tree branch looking lost. Now Constance starring at the sugar glider was adamant that her girl was going to get the gift that God had given to her. So she waited and looked intently at the tree, wondering what to do?

Two people came to her rescue, an Indonesian sweeper lady and an Indian man. The tree was infested with red biting ants, so the man eventually gave up for lack of motivation as the ants crawled up his legs.

Along came this Chinese gentleman in shorts, who looked like the most serene thing. He said as he looked up the tree “Your daughters?” my wife nodded.

He climbed the ant infested tree and shook the branches with a stick and down came the sugar glider crashing down on top of a four wheel drive car. He picked it up and put it back into the bag. Constance was so appreciative of what that man had done and thanked him profusely. He slowly slipped away.

Who was this man she wondered? So serene and peaceful looking; Even after Constance had allowed the sugar glider to slip away, did God send one of His representatives to ensure that my daughter got her birthday present?

As I heard the news in the office, Constance ecstatic of the gift that had been given to Clarisse. I myself was awed at the miracle that God had done and could only praise Him.

What a wonderful God, who answers the prayers of a child and soothes the pain of the parents.

Where did the sugar glider come from?

A couple of months before, Clarisse, did ask me for a sugar glider and I promised to give it to her if she got 5 A’s for her examination.

Again, at the prayer room in Assumption a few weeks before her examination, she asked for a nice gift for her birthday. Constance had desperately brought her there to pray for her UPSR examination, not to ask for a nice gift.

We did ask Clarisse, where did she put her school bag during the examination. She said it was left at the school canteen, where there were 250 other school bags.

How, did the sugar glider walk into her bag of among 250 other school bags?

The only answer is that it was a miracle of God.

When we had not provided a gift, God had stepped in and provided the gift, what a privilege for her.

Lesson on Provision

Our Father in heaven, taught us this lesson, of provision. That even when we can’t supply the need of our children, He will step in. He is faithful in all things.

This miracle has made us realize that with God all things are possible.

Faith Increased

The granting of our daughters wish has increased our faith tremendously, to the point that we do not really worry about our children anymore. We know that God has got it covered. He will keep them in the shadow of His wings.

Why Worry

In our business although we may go through difficult times, we have noticed the hand of God is always there guiding and showing us the way. Over the years we have learn t that it makes no difference to worry about things.

Even the bible says why worry when you can’t even add an hour to your life.We have learned not to allow the enemy to rob our joy, because the joy of the Lord is our strength.

We have chosen to look to God for solutions and the miracles have been many. As we continue to pursue God, we find we can weather storms that come by.

Jesus Will Never Leave You or Forsake YOU

Jesus said He will never leave us or forsake us. (Heb 3:15) He means what He says. He will always be with us and walk with us. We just need to call upon His name and trust in Him, keeping our focus on Him and not on our problems.

Our situations may be like a hurricane or a volcano eruption, but as our mind is stayed upon Him, trusting in Him, He will keep us in perfect peace (Isaiah 26:3). As you keep your mind on Him solutions will come and you will find a way out of it.

Jesus says He is with us always and will be with us to the end of time (Matt 28:20). I can only shout for joy to know that I have Him with me always, through the Holy Spirit, to have the King of Kings walking with me in everything I do…HE WALKS WITH ME.

Oh, what a wonderful God..

To see pictures of the sugar glider and my kids come to my blog

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