The LORD lives and Reigns for ever

today in the morning on the 30/08/2010 my mother called to tell me very horrable news but the LORD did something for me through my parents, they were away to Durban and as they were to live the hotel to get ready to live for home they found the car almost stolen, what i mean about this is that the peolpe who wanted to rob the car and to steal it they could not do it because the lock did not work, so they left the car and damaged the starter, but that it was nothing to my Father in Heaven because at about 14:35 same day my mom phoned me and told me that they were on they way back home and in my heart there is this joy i dont know where to start when thanking GOD all i have in my heart is that LORD thank you, i will worship you for as long as i live till the end of time

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  1. Buli Abby Mnisi says:

    thank so much for this Christian Faith Site, we get to chat with people all over the world and help each other in this journey to home, because surely the LORD is coming very soon for in Revelations thats what HE says and continues to say the reward is with HIM and He will give people according to their works, i pray that each and everyone of us, strive to live a holy life and read His word so that when He comes we will be ready for HIM, HE is the ALFA AND THE OMEGA, THE BEGGINING AND THE END. be blessed

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