The Locust Scorpions of Revelation 9

What on Earth is happening? Since the Promotion of the Beatles who professed to be more popular than Jesus Christ we have been invaded by a multitude of Rock Bands spreading their poisonous message of sex and drugs, unhindered in every nation. They fly as royals in Private Jets and are crowned with wealth unimaginable to feed their craven lusts. What do they do to receive such fame and fortune? They are sold out to their lord the destroyer Satan. They have left a multitude of tortured souls who have perished in their wake. When Jesus was being tempted of the devil in the wilderness, Satan tempted Jesus to fall down and worship him and he would give him the world. It is true that Satan inspires the world of sin and these Rock Bands are proof. As you watch this message I have put record albums there that may shock you. The reason I have done this is to expose them for what they are and how they fit the picture of revelation 9. I hate those evil messages with a passion but sometimes you need to shock people to show them how dangerous Rock Music really is. God warned us in the book of Revelation I believe about their nature and purpose. I will uncover that nature and purpose in these messages. If you are in prison to this music, or drugs I want you to know it’s not too late. Jesus will save you if you believe in Him with all your heart. He saved and healed me from drugs in one powerful experience. He is the Creator of the Universe and He can save you from the eternal doom of the ungodly. A miracle is only a prayer away from you. Look what this scripture from the Bible says. Rom_10:13 For whosoever shall call upon the name of the Lord shall be saved. His Name is Jesus, King of kings and Lord of Lords, the Almighty!

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