The last generation

Everywhere in the church world you hear of the great revival coming soon,just before the rapture.but its not true,except what few we can gather in .Dont be decieved the great revival came to America in the Holiness movementmany years ago.America is slowly becoming the right hand of power for the antichrist and the union of the 1 world government,we are being cooked alive as the lobster and dont even see it coming,God is being pushed out of US by powerful people.The church is asleep,its attitude is weare rich and need of nothing we dont need to speed time in prayer,the alters have been replaced with stages or steps which everyone treads up and down with no respect as to what the alter is for. The time is now to pull friends and family out of the fire or lose them to the devil .The last generation started in 1967 when Jerusalem was no longer in the hands of the gentiles.There is too much power in U.S to count it as nothing concerning Antichrist and he or his cabinet of crooks know it too.When Israel is forced to split Jerusalem .Hope you make the rapture.The time is here and many are asleep and hide their candlestick under a bushel.Dark days ahead so look up for your redenption draweth near.Be careful of all these new Bibles .Any who add or subtract from the word,will be acountable.

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  1. Holyroller_11 says:

    Everyday we see more news of people trying to remove God,and Jesus from the hearts and minds of our young people,and out of our lives as to say the world doesn;t need a savior,the churches are mixing doctrines of devils with parts of scripture. Goverments working toward one world churches(one size fits all deal), our teanagers can party all night and little is said,but give them a bible and tell them about heaven and hell,then we are accused of hate crimes. Even in church if you can find one with an alter instead of a stage or steps,try spending 2 or 3 hours seeking God,they begin to turn out the lights and usher you,to hurry up it doesn;t take that long to pray. I know it time for the Lord to rapture his bride. Watch for in an hour we think not,the Lord will return. The signs are everywhere if we choose to look,but for those who are not watching,woe to them,the hour is near. what does it profit a man,to gain the whole world but lose his own soul.

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