The Key to Seeing the Holy Spirit Manifest

Many of us want to see the Holy Spirit move in our meetings.

What is the key?

Is it a 40-day fast? No.

Is it a half night of prayer? No.

More preaching about the Holy Spirit? No.

Extending the singing time of a meeting? No.

Becoming more holy first? No.

All of those things have their place.

But there’s one simple key. And it isn’t even spiritual. It’s something practical, something we can all do:

GIVE THE HOLY SPIRIT TIME to move in the meeting.

Deliberately. Make time in the program.

That’s it!

That doesn’t mean to keep singing. We’ve already done plenty of that.

It might not even mean giving an altar call.

It just means to invite the Holy Spirit to move. It means to give time in the service where the congregation is free to receive from the Holy Spirit and free in an appropriate way to express the Holy Spirit.

Deliberately make time for it. Perhaps after the sermon. Or at anytime during the service. Especially at a time when you sense the presence of the Holy Spirit yearning to do something. Be spontaneous sometimes.

This might be the one thing we have not done yet! Giving Him time.

Explain to the congregation what you intend to do. Perhaps let them know what sort of things they can expect to see happen. Inform them of the approximate timeframe that you intend to give to the Holy Spirit.

Then see what happens!

Smith Wigglesworth taught that God is waiting for us to act. Deliberately allocating time to the Holy Spirit is an act – it’s an act of faith – and the Lord promised to give you whatever you say.

Try it in your next meeting. You might be pleasantly surprised what happens.

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