The Isa vs Jesus

I just read an article that states:

Jesus will return to live for 40 years to defeat the Anti-Christ and then die.

This is supposed to be all Muslims belief…So how should I as a Christian refute, reproof, or rebuke this false prophecy?

Of course I should say that Jesus already died for our sins, but Muslims argue that the sacrafice was unecessary or invalid. So how can I show Muslims the light.

What do YOU think?



  1. Timothy Luke says:

    You cannot argue a point from two contrary bases of information. You can only tell them what the Bible says and speak clearly to the issues. Of course, this may not be “all Muslims believe” type doctrine. Its like saying, “but mommy, everybody has one!”

    Tell them what Jesus says. Read the last two or three chapters of Revelation to them, or copy it and give them a copy to read on their own. This gets them acquainted with the Bible and may help them turn to it for answers. Make them come to Jesus, don’t you feel like you have to come to Muhammad to save them.

    I hope this helps,

    • from the wind says:

      I believe you’re right, I should definitely get muslims to turn to the Bible for answers and to Christ as we know Christ. It might not be pleasant and easy but it is what I have to do as a Christian.

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