Ever sense I wrote my book SUICIDE SPIRIT,I have been getting e mails from all over the world with countless stories of people telling me that a friend or loved one commited suicide.My brothers and sisters the hour is past do to arise and tell even those that call themselves christians to tell them that Jesus Christ loves them and their life does have a purpose and a destiney.So many christians through out the world are taking their lives but Romans 8:37 says we are more than conquers and 1John 4:4 says he who is in us,is greater than he who is in the world.People please hear what I am saying,christians are surrendering their life to a spirit called suicide.We as christians need to tell and encourage one another that life is diffecult yes but we can have victory if we walk in humilty and in love which is walking in the power of God.I know we can stop the suicide spirit if we will just reach out and let others know that God is still in control.Another young man just commited suicide from a christian school because he didnt like his grades and another 12 year old girl took her life because she felt so wasnt pretty enough.These are christian childern taking their lives.We need to start telling every one,even our friends at church they do have a God given destiney.So will you humble your self and tell other believers and non believers God does have a purpose for their life.Thank you.Read my testimoney on this web sight called Suicide because we really do need to get the message out.Tim

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