The Horrors of Eternal Hell

God is indeed a God of great love and compassion but on the other end of the scales is the certainty of his severe judgement and Justice. God loves mankind and now He has restrained His judgement so that the Good news of Salvation through the grace and unearned mercy of God found in the death, burial, resurrection of Christ. But what is certain is the fact that there is an eternal horror prepared for the devil and his angels and every person that rejects Christ and turns their backs on God. Hell's horror cannot be explained in human terms other than how Jesus Himself portrayed it in the parable of "The Rich Man And Lazarus". This speaks of unimaginable torment and shows that it will be the reality of the punishment meted out to all who go to hell. Thank God that this day of judgement has not descended upon us yet. There is still hope and there is still time for all to repent and escape the certain destiny of the devil and his angels and all who follow him.

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