The Heart and Motivation of a Servant Leader

We can learn many techniques of leadership. We can learn ways to influence people in order to obtain a desired result.

But the basic question that should be asked is – why? Why do it?

If the desired end result is totally selfish – so that we can fulfil our material and ego needs – then our leadership will fall well short of the will of God.

Many times we may know important principles of life, living and leadership – but we do not do them, because we are lazy.

Why is that? Why are we lazy?

Perhaps it is because we are happy to “get by”. If we remain comfortable, if we don’t suffer too much, if we don’t feel too bad at the end of it all – then we may be willing to settle for that.

It could also be that we lay aside principles and take short cuts because we value the bottom line (profit or results) more than our own personal development into a person more godlike, more like Jesus Christ. Most times these short cuts will also short-change US, and we ultimately lose the things we gained through compromise.

The antidote for this is to truly have the desire for the best result firstly for God, secondly for people. The best result includes not just what happens outwardly, but also what happens inwardly. I may be able to get people to work harder for a while by constantly berating them in anger, but long term, I become an angry person and the people working under my leadership may become sullen and resentful. That is not a good internal result.

The desire for the best result regardless of my personal ego needs or desires for financial benefit is the essence of the Servant Heart. It was this motivation which sent Jesus Christ into the world – not to BE SERVED but to SERVE, and to give his life as a ransom for many.

Most of the kings and rulers of the earth send their subjects off to fight wars and DIE for THEM. Even “Allah” asks his followers to give the life of their sons for him. Unlike that, the true God gave the life of HIS SON for US and our benefit. Jesus gave his life for his people, for their benefit. That is the true leadership of God.

We will only be the best leaders we can be, we will only follow wisdom consistently, when we desire to be of the most use and benefit to OTHERS according to the will of God. This is the essence of servant leadership. A servant leader wants to do what is useful in any situation. He models servanthood for everyone to see. Jesus did this in washing his disciples feet, and in dying for their sins and failures.

We are called to be leaders like Jesus. It is the love of God alone which makes this possible.

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