The Goodness of God


If God is good, “Why accidents, sickness, poverty, suffering. . .?” is the cry of the common man. How shall we justify God’s goodness and the world’s miseries? May the study of God’s goodness throw us some light.


The Nature of God’s Goodness

These are few of the nature of God’s goodness

1. The Lord is good. Ps. 100:5

2. God’s Spirit is good. Neh. 9:20

3. God’s Word is good. Isa. 39:8



The Revelations of God’s Goodness

God’s Goodness is Revealed in these following ways

1.  In creating us. Gen. 1:26, 27, 31

2.  In giving us his commandments. Deut. 6:2

3.  In disciplining us. Pro. 3:12

4.  In humbling us. Deut. 8:3

5.  In forgiving us. Ps. 130:4

6.  In meetingour needs. Phil. 4:19

7.  In not accusing us. Ps. 103:9

8.  In dying for us. Rom. 5:8

9.  In interceding for us. Heb. 7:25

10. In preparing a place for us. Jn. 14:2

11. In pouring his love for us. Rom. 5:5

12. In promising his Spirit for us. Lk. 11:13



Our Response to God’s Goodness

Having seen the goodness of God what is our response?

1.  To give thanks and praise to God.  Ps. 106:1

2.  To seek for his goodness. Ex. 33:18:19

3.  To know his promise. Rom. 8:28

4.  To submit to his Word. Isa. 39:8

5.  To see what is good.  Mic. 6:8

6.  To let our light shine. Mt. 5:16

7.  To ask our Father. Mt. 7:11

8.  To yield the fruit of the Spirit. Gal. 5:22

9.  To be filled with his goodness. Rom. 15:14

10. To do good to others. Gal. 6:10




A friend of mine was very allergic to pineapples. He always used to carefully avoid it. One day he was invited for a dinner and to his surprise there was a big pineapple on the table. To keep to table manners, my friend took a very small piece and it tasted really good! Since then he never missed the pineapple. Having experienced the goodness of the Lord this is what the psalmist invites us to do, “Taste and see the Lord is good.” Ps. 34:8

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