The Fruit of the Holy Spirit – Bible Study

The fruit of the Spirit is the result from the work of the Holy Spirit in sanctification. The fruit of the Spirit is the unmistakable quality of a spiritual life.

Facts about the  Fruit of the  Spirit
1.    The Holy Spirit produces it.  Gal. 5:22
2.    There is no law against it.  Gal. 5:23
3.    Pruning increases the fruitfulness. Jn. 15:2
4.    Remaining in Christ bears more fruit. Jn. 15:5
5.    Fruitfulness brings glory to God.  Jn. 15:8
6.    We are appointed to bear fruit. Jn. 15:16
7.    Our fruit should Last. Jn. 15:16
8.    We produce fruit thro’ repentance. Mt. 3:8
9.    We recognise men by their fruit. Mt. 7:20
10.  By hearing. and understanding the word. Mt. 13:23
11.  Through a noble and good heart. Lk. 8:15
12.  Apart from Jesus we cannot bear fruit. Jn.1 5:5

The Fruit of the  Holy Spirit
1. LOVE Divine love. “God so loved the world” Jn. 3:16.
2. JOY Rejoice. “. . .filled with glorious joy” 1 Pet. 1:8.
3. PEACE Rest. “There is no peace for the wicked”  Is. 48:22.
4. PATIENCE Perseverance. . .”faith develops Perseverance” Jas. 1:4.
5. KINDNESS Tenderness. “. . .if any Tenderness. . .” Phili. 2:1.
6. GOODNESS Good. “He went around doing Good
Act. 10:38.
7. FAITHFULNESS confidence. “Do  not  throw  away your confidence” Heb.10:35.
8. GENTLENESS Meekness. “Blessed are the meek. . .” Mt. 5:5.
9. SELF-CONTROL Forbearance.  “Bear with each. Col. 3:13

Manifestation of the  Fruit
1  GOD “I have loved you with an everlasting love” Jer. 31:3.
2  ANGELS  “. . .there is JOY in the presence. . .” Lk. 15:10.
3  JESUS CHRIST  “Prince of PEACE” Jam. 5:10.
4  JOB  “. . .An example of PATIENCE” Is. 9:6.
5  COLOSSIANS “Clothe yourselves with. . .kindness” Col.3:12.
6  ROMANS  “. . .full of goodness. . .” Rom. 15:14.
7  CENTURION  “. . .such great faith” Mt. 8:10.
8  PAUL  “we were gentle. . .” 1 Thess. 2:7.
9  SCATTERED PEOPLE OF GOD  “. . .in your knowledge. . . SELF CONTROL. . .” 2 Pet. 1:6.

Polycarp, Bishop of Smyrna gave up his body to be burned than denying Christ. He was a companion of John, the apostle. John, who in Upper  Room had listened to Jesus speaking about those branches which, abiding  in the vine, bear much fruit. In Greek MUCH FRUIT is Polycarpous! Shall we also be the channel of the Holy Spirit for Polycarpous?

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