The Father’s Loving Hands

I’ve put my life in your hands. You won’t drop me and you’ll never let me down. Psalm 31:5 MSG

My wife’s great grandson who is about 18 months old at the time of this writing has a unique behavior. When you pick him up and put his head on your shoulder he wraps his arms around your neck and gently pats you on the back. I interpret his actions as saying, “You’re okay in my book. I present to you my personal seal of approval.”

This leads to a question that most of us probably seldom think about. “If God still dwelled in the flesh what kind of touch could we expect from His hands?” Consider this closely, because one’s immediate answer tells a lot about what people think of God.

One might expect those that don’t know God to expect some type of unpleasant touch that would signify disapproval, either a slap or perhaps a karate chop. I’ve even met some Christians that would feel this way.

On the other hand, others would expect a touch that signified approval or encouragement. Would it be permissible to expect such a touch? I think so. Look at it this way. For our great grandson to pat our back, he has to wrap his arms around us. It would be quite supportive if he was the adult and we were the children.

God not only wants to give us a loving touch but wants to include with it an all out hug. So, let your spiritual eyes see God in this way. In the Spirit, He wants to hug us and pat our back. If we have any sin in us, it would immediately melt away.

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