The False Prophet

As in the days when Jesus walked the earth, John the babtist was sent ahead of Jesus to preach of his coming. his job was to pave the way or prepare the people for his arrival. While in today’s world,the antichrist will copy his entrance in a simular manner,however my thinking is,he will be using money and business conections with powerful people.He will use his money to cause termoil in economies,drive prices of everything upand make people and their families so preoccupied with the trouble of the day,they won’t see the danger until its to late. As in the days of Moses,their was 7 years of plenty and 7 years of famine,when the years of famine came,it was so great ,the days of plenty was forgotten. They sold their lands,then their houses and finally their freedom. Does any of this seem to hit close to home? The plan worked so well I think the false prophet is using it now. Before anyone pops his blood vessels. I am not refering to obama. I’m simply saying watch. These are historic days in which we live. and make yourself ready for travel.going up anyone.amen

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