The devil is after your mind

When you dropped the coffee on your favorite shirt, on your way to the interview, it is easiest to think the devil is after your job or your favorite shirt. Truth is that the devil is after your mind.

Your enemy satan knows this more than anyone else. If he can depress you and spoil your mood, he has then won the battle.

We are made in a way that we learn everyday. Intentionally and otherwise. The Bible encourages, “to be made new in the attitude of your minds.” Eph 4: 23

A person is defined by his mind. Proverbs 23: 7 says, “For as he thinks in his heart, so is he.”

Your intimacy with God starts with your mental preparation too. Your enemy will try to bring anything and everything to take away your mind from being tuned to God. He wants to fill your mind with so many worries of this world or probably even from family or friends.

That way you will be busy fighting the wrong battle and wont have time to love God and enjoy the garden experience with Jesus. He wants to hurt you, scare you, put fear in you, keep you awake in the night – as long as you are farthest away from Jesus.

*Think*Think* What has the enemy been sowing into your mind? What lies of the enemy have you already believed? Whom have you become bitter with? Have you hardened your heart? Have you stopped praying? Have you stopped enjoying the word of God?

Have you ever felt the enemy was after your life and then you found out that your prayer life had dipped. My friend, this is exactly what the devil wants from you. To respond angrily, negatively, depressingly, fearfully and against God. Get back now. Stay focused. Renew your mind. Replace fear with faith, complains with praise, rejections with worship.

He who walked on the waters, He who won death, He who is seated at the right hand of the Father is for you and intercedes for you.

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  1. That’s exactly what I am going through. All these negatives thoughts started popping in my head, I have been feeling so un-worthy, that i can’t do anything anything right. I am currently taking a math class in college, and that is the only class I need to graduate from my communitty college, and i have been feeling like a looser. My class intimadates me, and I feel fear taking over me that I feel so ashamed because am 25, and everyone else is so young and know the math, and i don’t. i still don’t know what exactly am I supposed to be in my career. I feel so lost and I ask what is my purpose to God…

    • faithishearing says:

      I was going through a spiritual and emotional crisis when I was taking some tough courses at the college. I thought for sure that I either failed all my classes, or just barely passed. I was just exploring the idea of christianity after being an agnostic for years. I decided to pray to God about it.

      Imagine my surprise when I got A’s in ALL of my classes!(Never happened to me before) I KNEW that was an act of God. I wouldn’t go into details here, but there are too many reasons why I should have failed. 

      25 isn’t so old. There are plenty of people who go back to school for multiple reasons, it isn’t a reflection one’s intelligence. The younger one’s know the math because the material is still fresh in their minds.They were probably taught it the year before. That doesn’t make them smarter than you. Their memory is simply recalling recent information.

      What really helped to motivate me was knowing that God could still use me, even if I ‘fail’ according to man’s standards. God doesn’t label your life as a failure or success based on your GPA,
      your career, whether or not you are the best, or how much money you make. That
      is just important to humans.

      Knowing and believing that you made the greatest choice in your life, to accept Jesus, has a way of making everything else fall in place. Know and believe that you already chose the best. God will lead you to the right path if you trust in Him. And that isn’t based on your performance, but on His mercy and grace.

      Hope this helps,

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