The Despair of Meaninglessness for the Unbeliever

I was moved by reading the comment given by an Australian on a popular blog post.

I've always struggled to find a purpose to my life. I'm 45 and I'm giving up the fight to find one. In my life I've been angry, depressed, masochistic. Couldn't find a purpose. Then I became happy, peaceful and compassionate. Still no purpose. Now that my partner has called it quits on me, the purposelessness is so strong it takes my breath away. I find myself getting dizzy sometimes how utterly meaningless my life has become. The only purpose I actually have right now is doing enough at work not to get fired. But it's all an act. Once I leave in the afternoon, the mask of joviality and caring disappears and the hopelessness sets in.

It seems my inner strength has deserted me and now I just don't give a toss. I don't feel sorry for myself. I don't even care enough to feel that much.

I would love to be one of those people who has a reason to get up in the morning but I'm just not. And quite frankly after all these years of trying and believing and hoping in something better, I've just given up.

This is so unbelievably sad. It is a picture I believe of much of Australian society – indeed western society. How do we communicate the reality and love of God to such people? The poster of the original blog writes:

The fun part here, I guess, is that if you accept this as truth you are then forced to attach some arbitary meaning to life – be it making up invisible friends like most religious types do, exploring the mechanics of our meaninglessness like they're attempting over at CERN, or just getting really really into acting, golf, fast cars or masturbation blogging.


The pursuit of pleasure is seen as one one way to deal with things. The author writes that religious types make up invisible friends to create some sort of meaning to life. A true Christian of course doesn't make up invisible friends because he has accepted the philosophy of nihilism. The true Christian has had at some such an encounter with Jesus Christ which gives the lie to every form of nihilism.

We must proclaim what we have experienced with God and also what we know to be true from the Word of God. There are people out there dying on the inside from a sense of purposelessness and frustration. On the outside, to their colleagues at work, they seem "peaceful, compassionate, jovial and caring" but inwardly, as this commenter said, they are HOPELESS and in despair.

The whole purpose of life as I see it is God's glory and God's love. God is indentifying who His real friends are, who are the people who are going to enjoy His favor for all eternity.

Let us not be sidetracked by the pursuit of worldly pleasure, possessions and status. The really vital eternally enduring things like relationship with God and spiritual connection with God that transforms the heart and mind forever are the things we need to be going for. As we genuinely do this, I believe that many world-weary souls are going to find life through Jesus Christ also.


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