The Christian Faith and an Encounter with Jesus Christ

Meeting JesusThis site is written with the hope that through it you will have a spiritual encounter with Jesus Christ. Jesus Christ is alive and people who are living can do things. Unless and until you know that Jesus Christ is real, and that He has risen from the dead, you will not progress beyond a mere intellectual understanding of Christianity. And you will probably be distracted by the many abuses and failings of quite a large proportion of the religious organisations that profess to be made up of followers of Jesus. So the goal of this site is to help people get back into direct contact with the Living Resurrected Jesus Christ. This happens today in various ways, but in every case, the person of the Holy Spirit is involved.

Christianity as seen today has evolved into many things – and not all of them have to do with God’s intention. Some people are rightly angry and disgusted with the sexual abuse of children which has gone on in the Roman Catholic and some other parts of what is today called “the church”. Right of the bat I want to say that such things are make Jesus angry too. Jesus himself said that if anyone causes a little one to stumble it would be better for such a person to have a millstone tied around their neck and that they be drowned. The many other kinds of sins that can be found in the church – things that are expressions of greed, lust and pride, are due to the fact that Christians and professing Christians still have a free will and CAN still be lured away from the will of God for their lives. We are against these things because they hurt and devalue people. God loves people and wants to bring them into His own family.

As said before, the real foundation for genuine Christian experience is a spiritual encounter with the Lord Jesus Christ. This might happen while reading the Bible or hearing a message from a preacher. It could happen while on the beach or while in a prison cell, or just in your own home. Until something happens in your life that makes you KNOW and not simply “believe” that Jesus Christ is real, you cannot genuinely progress in the Christian life.

People that HAVE had this kind of encounter need to confess it. It should be talked about. It is only natural. Jesus is amazing, not boring. He does miracles as well. This is why on this site we have so many testimonies of people’s conversion to Christ and some of their other Christian experiences. I encourage you to read these stories for yourself with an open mind, realizing that the same God who did these things for others is well able to do things in your life if He wants to. And He does want to, provided He is made welcome on His own terms.

This website contains not only testimonies in many different categories, but a lot of foundational Bible teaching. We talk about prayer and how to pray. We talk about divine love and how to live that way. We talk about spiritual gifts. We even talk about casting out demons – otherwise known as deliverance. There is a great deal of work that needs to be done today in casting out demons, but before it can happen, people need to own up to their sins, renounce the devil, their idols, their occultic practices or whatever, and come to Jesus on the terms where He has promised to help them. If you are desperate, you can be delivered from evil spirits. It generally doesn’t happen for people who are happy with things the way they are.

This website also talks about reasons to believe though there are places where you’ll get a lot more information about that than on this site. Still its important to at least touch on it. We talk a lot about the Holy Spirit and how to have fellowship with Him and receive His power. We talk about divine healing.

Finally we are seeking to build an online community of people who like to pray for and encourage one another. We use platforms like skype, paltalk and various web conferencing solutions to facilitate this. Many people have been touched by God in our prayer times together. Some have been healed, others have found Christ, others have found deliverance from the bondages created by evil spirits. If you have a ministry in these areas you may find this site to be a good platform in reaching more spiritually hungry people. We look forward to your comments and blog contributions in this area.

I encourage you to register and join with us in this wonderful journey together.

May God Bless You,

Michael Fackerell
Site Founder

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  1. Nicholas Adamu says:

    I need an encounter with Christ. Jesus please visit me and grant me peace that surpasses all understanding. Use me Lord.

  2. Matteo Olivastro says:

    ME in the flesh was walking across a busy street in my city of Warwick, RI. I was in a drunken state of mind and was struck by a car and a truck came and ran me over. The person who hit me first pulled over but the truck kept driving. I have vivid memories of the ER, trying to talk with tubes in me, pulling IVs out of me along with the catheter in my bladder. The doctors told my girlfriend at first it was touch and go for me. My girlfriend remained diligent in her prayers and reading my fathers bible to me even though i was not able to communicate nor respond at all due to medication sedation. The doctors came in one day and told my girlfriend they didn’t what happened but my temperature was normal range my blood pressure was good but long road ahead of me and I would be in the ICU for months. Well the grace of God and Jesus proved them wrong I was discharged from the ICU to a nursing home in a month and a half. Long road I still see a year later in our apartment. My girlfriend and I no longer drink and I have been getting back to church. Through faith all things are possible. Thank you to all who read and become inspired to press toward the mark.

  3. Samuel Michira says:

    I did so many occulties,worshiped the devil and even summoned demons for the last 3 1/2 years because i wanted to join satanism and even sell my soul in exchange for money,the devi ruined my life and made it miserable even i tried to kill myself many times,I rejected God heavily,i loosed all i had and became in great debts i could work but i could Not even afford to buy even a bed to sleep on,things got worse untill When i gave my life back to Jesus and Got Baptized and now my life is good,i am no longer in debts I’m free from evil spirits bondage.
    Really Jesus saves

  4. Thank u for the encouraging words,I’m a new born again Christian and would like to know more and understand the bible better.

  5. Bangha Raphael kimbi Joko says:

    My whole life I have grown in a so called Christian home, but all this has just been cosmetic. This has just been a way to be accepted by a society as a good family. The truth is I need a change, I need an encounter that will change my life. I need to know the one I have to give up my life for! I need a one on one encounter with Jesus. I need to know who I am and my assignment in this life. Suddenly every thing I ever did feels wrong my whole life feels wrong. I’m tired of hearing from people who fail me at every turn.

  6. ada luka panya says:

    Am so happy to have found this site. Hoping for a better walk with God but I need help.

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