The Bible says that False Teachers are going to have a big following! 2 Peter 2:2

2Pe 2:1  But there were also false prophets among the people, even as there will be false teachers among you, who will secretly bring in destructive heresies, even denying the Lord who bought them, and bring on themselves swift destruction.

2Pe 2:2  And many will follow their destructive ways, because of whom the way of truth will be blasphemed.


When it comes to Bible teaching, we make a big mistake if we think that there is "safety in numbers". If a large number of people follow a certain Bible teacher, that person will be considered fairly mainstream by a fair section of Christendom. Of course, there are popular teachers in both sides of most issues in Christianity, so it really isn't possible to think that having a large following is some kind of measure of the truth of what someone is saying. Take John Macarthur and Joel Osteen for example. Both have large followings, and they are giving a completely DIFFERENT message. I disagree in part with both of them, for different reasons. In my view they both speak a partial version of the truth, but neither really gives the full counsel of God. But I digress …

Its not just the destructive TEACHINGS that people are going to follow, the Bible says that they are also going to follow their destructive WAYS. And this we see happening.

We have a situation now where Christian leaders are committing adultery, divorcing and remarrying and this is considered unfortunate, but not really THAT serious.

Is it any wonder that the divorce rate in the western church is now actually HIGHER than the corresponding rate in the world, according to the latest statistics?

If as one pastor told me, the number one problem in the Assemblies of God in Australia amongst pastors is INTERNET PORNOGRAPHY, that we have a situation where many Christians are enslaved to a greater or lesser extent by the same vices?

Even if a teacher teaches holiness of life – if they themselves have DESTRUCTIVE WAYS – those WAYS will rub off on their hearers and people will fall into the error of the wicked.

This happened in Australia with the public fall of a great apostolic leader who has since truly come back to God. After his fall, MANY, MANY young people committed adultery and walked away from God.

We have to be very careful therefore to keep our eyes on Jesus and not on the mightiest of God's men out there.

Thank God there is mercy for those who truly repent. God rejoices when anyone repents, how much more when an influential leader of God's people repents.

But the false teachers out there generally DON'T repent.

And because of what they do, TRUE CHRISTIANITY is spoken evil of by THINKING PEOPLE.

We see cases where the world mocks the greedy, lustful evangelists, or where people bitterly oppose Christianity. Many times these opponents were exposes to Christianity and had a bad experience.

Let us therefore fear God, lest we should be the occasion of someone stumbling into sin.

A false teacher, however, will not be thinking about this. As we will see, a false teacher will be thinking more about THE MONEY, and what brings the money, that is "People on Seats" (to avoid the coarse expression). To achieve this goal, there are various tactics that can be employed. The chief one among them, is "tell the people what their itching ears want to hear". (2 Timothy 4:3)

Tell them that God will make them rich and comfy …

Tell them that God doesn't absolutely require submission to His Will …

Tell them that they can be whatever they want to be …

The list goes on and on.


Jesus warned us about false teachers and so did his chief apostles. Its not a bad thing to do.

What do YOU think?


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  1. I think, the problem with many Christian today, who look for teacher or Christian leadership, is that we are focusing on the wrong aspect of that person’s life.

    Jesus taught us about false teacher/preacher/prophet, He said, by learning of the fruit that we should judge the tree/plantation.

    So I think, we should judge whether these people is the true teacher/preacher/prophet, through their life, could we find the Fruits of the Holy Spirit in their life? Charity (or love), joy, peace, patience, benignity (or kindness), goodness, longanimity (or long suffering), mildness, faith, modesty, continency, and chastity.

    Do their character, abundant with such quality, or is it lack from such quality?

    But at this time, I believe, most of Christian, are charmed by the miraculous sign that are performed by these people (whether its true miracle or not, is debatable). But even if its a true miracle, we’re not supposed to believe them based on this.

    Its not by how well this person speak in tongue, it is not by how many people he can miraculously heal, etc. It is by how this person live his life. Can we find the Fruits of the Holy Spirit, abundantly in his life? That’s the prove of his Christianity.

    Because Jesus already said that these false teacher/prophet will do miraculous thing. He also told us how when He comes for the 2nd time, there will be many people who call him and tell him of the works they’re done in His name, which then He will answer them that He doesn’t know them. I believe based on these 2 passages, it is obvious that we should never believe the teaching of a teacher based on his miraculous work, based on what we like to say, how anointed this person is.

    But it is based on his life, based on his character, could we find the Fruits of the Holy Spirit abundantly within his life?

    At such, someone who commit adultery, is a false teacher, because adultery means that he had no love/charity in his life, he had no faith, no chastity, no long suffering, etc.

    On another note, I believe it is the obligation of every christian, to learn their Bible. Read it, meditate upon it. Do not solely dependent on other people’s teaching. Especially for those who can find access to Bible so easily with the current technology, etc. God gives you access to Bible, God gives you brain to think, there is no excuse for not studying your Bible.

    It is also important to listen to our heart, our conscience, because Jesus said, my lamb would recognize my voice. When you heard someone preach, and your heart have doubts, do not be lazy one, go study the Bible and found out, whether the message is true or not.

    So when you read my message, don’t buy it. But go study your Bible, see if I have the right message here. ;P .

  2. I have often heard of a coming great revival. A lot of ministries I respect talk of it. All I can find in scripture,is a great falling away of the church,deception so severe that even the elect are in danger . It’s not something that I Iike to entertain , but sometimes I wonder if it (talk of a great harvest of souls) didn’t start out as a way to bring in more money. It’s nice to want to sow into that, and it has worked. Maybe good intentioned ministries have been swept up also.
    Like timt, I have a heart for seeing many people turn to the Lord.
    But, maybe this warrants further study?
    Another troubling trend : verifying a movement based solely on there being signs and wonders. I’m not opposed to signs and wonders( seen and experienced them myself) Just the approval stamp they have become.

  3. I have no doubt there is going to be a great revival before the coming of the lord because so many people are despertley seeking answers and I am telling every one about just how powerful this web sight.When the great revival happens I know there will be thousands upon thousands saved and I know this web sight is going to affect thousands of lives.I have personalley been blessed by this web sight a great deal so when so many get saved through this revival I know your web sight is going to be used in much greater ways than you or I can imagine.I have talked to bible scholors from Oral Roberts University and they all agree that this great revival is going to happen but the church isnt ready yet to take care of thousands of baby christians so God is preparing all of us now.What I find so amazing is how many people arent studing their word because of this or that reason.I know in my heart that we must get prepared for the great revival and not look down on those weak in the faith but pray for those that dont understand scripture or dont have the faith.I have been to prosperity crusades and I was amazed what I saw but remember even Paul said some will preach for the love of money but we cant come against them because soals are getting saved but it bothers me knowing when some one says God said to give me a hundred or a thousand dollars today to the crowd.Some people dont understand but my minestry is based on love offerings but as many have seen I will not beg,plead,or minipulate people to get money from them.So I just wanted to say thank youfor your inspiring articles.Tim

    • Timothy Luke says:

      With all respect, where in scripture do we find the evidence of a great revival preceding the coming of the Lord? I am willing to read it in the Bible and believe.

  4. Timothy Luke says:

    Many teach about a great revival before the coming of the Lord. I have a good friend in the Assemblies of God church that believed in such a revival. The Church is following after signs and wonders and preaching a great revival as part of what must happen before the Lord's coming. Jesus said, 'unless those days were shortened, there should no flesh be saved alive."

    Daniel writes that in the last days, the Beast will make war with the saints and shall overthrow them, until the Son of Man returns.

    Jesus is not coming because the plumbing is fixed. He is coming because it is broken and the world is broken.

    We go into the world to preach the gospel. It is not our job to fill seats, it is our job to fill hearts. If we dilute of disguise the gospel to do that, we become part of the problem. The straight gospel is not very welcome by the majority, and so I think it is probably received more readily by prisoners than priests.

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