The best at last

Contrary to those who believe that the end is a time reserved for the worst, I belong to a school of thought that believes that the end is a time that is reserved for the best.

In fact, the order of God is that the latter shall be better than the former and not the reverse.

In Haggai 2 vs 9 God said that the glory of the latter hall be grater than of the former
In Job 8 vs 7 the bible says that even if the beginning was small, the latter end shall be great
In Job 42 vs 12 it is confirmed that the latter end of job was better than his beginning
David ended as a king though he started as a common shepherd boy.
Joseph ended in the palace though he started in a small place.

God is interested in our happy ending if only we can trust him.

These 4 ’ember’ months shall be better for us than the 8 earlier ones

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