The Battle’s Not Mine!

I have been so wrapped up in what can “I” do to make my marriage work that I have forgotten that the battle is NOT mine. The battle I’m fighting is in my head and against principalities that I cant see. The battle is not carnal, its spiritual. I “cant”do anything in the spiritual relm. But I know a man who can!

I was talking to a friend last night and my underlying theme through our conversations was “I’m too weak to do anything.” I know I have spirits in my house and possibly attached to me, but I’m too weak to deal with it. It was like a light turned on because then I realized that through my weakness the Lord can work and be glorified because I am so weak.

Another dear friend sent me an email and this morning another light turned on; the land that these spirits possess is NOT theirs! Its the Lords! They are trespassers on God’s land! They have no right there and now that I’m armed with this knowledge, through God I am justified AND ready to bind them and make them leave.

Its ME that is causing all the depression and lonliness not my husband or kids. If MY attitude changes MY outlook will change also. Its all about me and God if I change me (I’m the only one that I can change)I’ll see things more clearly and be happier and not a prison in my own home. I need to take possession of what is rightfully mine!

This little song helped me in my first marriage after my ex husband made me leave. I had to go back and get what stuff he hadnt burnt back and also at the divorce hearing I sung this song:

“Goin to the enemies camp gonna take back what he stole from me. Take back what he stole from me. Take back what he stole from me. Going to the enemies camp and I’m gonna take back what he stole from me. He’s under my feet, he’s under my feet, he’s under my feet, he’s under my feet, Satan is under my feet!”

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