The Battle of Armageddon

The other night I fell into a trance encounter with the Lord. He revealed to me the Battle of Armageddon. It was a personal vision for me but I am sharing this because of the meaning behind it.

As I fell into this trance, I began to see scores and scores of people battling. I instantly recognized the battle field as Armageddon. There were millions fighting. I could smell and encounter the abundance of death upon the field. What struck me however, was that I saw the demonic forces behind the battle. Everybody else just saw the humans fighting but I gazed into the realms of the spirit and saw demons and angels warring.

There was a group of people who had not yet taken the mark of the beast yet, were not saved. This group of people were the demons main targets. But the Spirit of the Lord had me declare His presence over the place for the salvation of these souls. The demons could not enter into our place we were at.

I began to preach to these souls and many got saved. As soon as they were saved they disappeared, it came down to only two left. These two were a girl and a guy. The girl was broken and scared and quickly got saved. The guy was an atheist and was being hit by the spirit of atheism (it was the only spirit that was allowed in the alcove we were in.)

The Lord told me to take them to the mountain for only a short time was left before the battle would finish and He would make His millenial kingdom on earth. I walked up the mountain with them all the while witnessing to them. The battle increased but my eyes were on these two to find Jesus and know Him.

Shortly, the atheist got very sick and I told him, “Only Jesus can help you. Call upon Him.”

Instantly, the sky grew ultra-white – the whitest ever and the war ceased. The presence of the Lord was so strong that we were drawn to our knees, we could not stand. His presence was overcoming and His love strong. I saw His outline and He had come to end lives – not those with the mark of the beast (although, they were already condemned and would be destroyed), but to end satan and the demonic’s rule upon earth.

It was then that I came out of my trance.

I am sharing this today for one reason: souls. Many in the body of Christ get frustrated and angry about those that do not know Jesus yet – but here’s the thing, He sees the demonic behind the person. Every soul has a war going on in and around them. The Lord does not want us to get angry – every human is in the cosmic battle for salvation.

I saw the end of the end, the beginning of the new time, and yet there was those there – waiting for the last couple minutes that still were salvagable – you see, His heart is not to destroy anybody. He sees the demons operating around people and He sees the war.

This encounter was given to me for a specific reason for the body – He is calling us to see into the realms of the spirit, know the war, BUT never – ever hate on a human being for not knowing Jesus. There is a war and He is encouraging us to KNOW the war – until the end and to war for the souls of millions!

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