The bastard curse

Hello to everyone. I am new here and was wondering some things. I was reading up on the bastard curse. On chapter 7 there is some confusion on my behalf that I just really don’t understand and was hoping that someone would explain it to me.

On one of the examples of the bastard curse it says that “God had covenanted with Abram, declaring that he would be the father of many nations. Abram and Sarah faithlessly pre-empted God by taking Hagar and producing the bastard son, Ishmael. Ishmael was cursed. He was not God’s plan. Ishmael was the result of Abraham’s flesh-decision to do God’s will his own way instead of God’s way.”

“Who are Ishmael’s descendents? They constitute one of the world’s three great religions today which claim Abraham as their father. This curse is very far reaching, even today.”

Now based upon that which three religions claim Abraham to be the father?

I all too confused by this I really am trying to understand.

What do YOU think?



  1. kennethleenorth says:

    By faith we are grafted into the tree. Faith is that which is the substance of things hoped for. What then is substance? Lets look at the substance of the life of Christ. He was born the Child of God, no one claiming him, like a bastard, yet not like a bastard, being born in wedlock, only not so conceived. By the customs of his time, his mother should have been stoned except there were no acusers. With this he grew in the faith that his life was in contradiction to the superstition of his time. Just as Isaac grew in the faith that his life was in contradiction to the superstition of his time. Unlike Isaac, Jesus of Nazareth was the Son of God, with his conception being claimed or attributed to no man. There were no sins of a father to be passed to him, only love and compasion were passed on to him through his mother. With this he lived his life of loving his fellow man and with his last ounce of courage, gave of his life’s blood, every ounce, the redemption of man from the bondage of superstition.

  2. warrior daughter says:

    It is very interesting the view the Muslims have concerning Ishmael….To them he is the one who is the heir not Isaac…Ishmael was the one who was to be sacrificed….His name means “God hears” but also “his hand against everyone and everyone’s hand against him”… I cannot remember all that I read about Ishmael but these points stayed with me…I can recommend a book that might help you to understand what the three religions believe about Abraham but I do not know if that is allowed on this site…You can private message me if that is allowed and I will message you back the name of the book…God is good …all the time….

  3. michael says:

    The three religions claiming Abraham as father are:

    1. Judaism – the religion of Jewish people who reject Jesus as Messiah and instead follow the Talmud.

    2. Islam – which claim that Ishmael, not Isaac, was really the chosen child of promise.

    3. Christianity – who see Abraham as a spiritual father of faith through whose lineage came the Messiah.

    • I am very confused. I don’t know alot about Judaism but weren’t the Jews the chosen people of God to receive all his blessings? I am very sorry I could be very wrong. Also, now this is something I have had a really hard time with. I have heard at church the priests call various people in various religions Christians. Now when you say that Christianity is one of the religions that claims Abraham to be the father, then is Christianity a religion? As I was explained that Christianity was not a religion but the belief in Jesus Christ our Lord and Saviour. How can Christianity be one of the religions? I deeply apologize I am trying to understand.

      • warrior daughter says:

        Yes, Israel was to be the chosen nation with the blessings but they rejected Jesus Christ and Gentiles were welcomed into the newly forming Church (Christianity)…And if some of the branches were broken off and you being a wild olive tree (gentiles) were grafted in among them, and with them became a partaker of the root and fatness of the olive tree (Jew) do not boast against the branches . But if you boast remember that you do not support the root but the root (Jesus)supports you. You will then say branches were broken off that I might be grafted in…Romans 11:17-19… The only religion that is like a close relative to Christianity is Judism all other religions are not based on the true living God of Israel and are false religions that got their beginnings from the worship of idols or demons….The word religion means the belief in and worship of a God or gods…Even in Christianity there are various sects that claim to be Christian but they are not based on the redeeming blood of Jesus Christ and they emphasize works over faith or some other theory that is not in the Holy Bible which is our road map for all of life’s answers… Your Word ( the Holy Bible) is a lamp unto my feet and a light to my path..Psalm 119:105

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