The Agony of the Sudan


Sudan Update from Missionary Steve Greenberg (Click here to Listen)
Listen to an amazing testimony of how God is using the missionary teams in Sudan. Sudan is currently one of the most persecuted areas in the world for the body of Christ. Please remember to pray for our brothers and sisters in the Lord.

The Problem: Driven by war, the lives of half a million victims in southern Sudan, many of them defenseless children, are held in the balances as severe starvation threatens their lives today.
The Muslim extremists in Khartoum see themselves as waging a holy war against the Christians in the south, who refuse to be bound by Islamic law. Because of this, relief flights have been blocked and millions of people are presently starving to death.

This is reality…Rumors of coming shipments of desperately needed food bring thousands of people, mostly women, streaming in from the countryside hoping to get relief for their families. The majority by the end of the day will leave empty-handed. The food gone. The hunger still exists. As we speak, hundreds are dying each and every day.

What are we to do?

By this we know love, because He laid down His life for us. And we also ought to lay down our lives for our brethren. But whosoever has this world’s goods, and sees his brother in need, and shuts up his heart from him, how does the love of God abide in him? My little children, let us not love in word or in tongue, but in deed and in truth.
1 John 3:16-18

The Solution: To the Sudanese Christians this means that you share what you have with those who have less. It means encouraging other believers when life’s circumstances offer little hope. We can no longer ignore or turn our backs, unable to deal with the horrific situation…rather we must embrace the suffering of our Sudanese family and be participants. We are to enter into their suffering, as if it were our own.

Because starvation and death are occurring today…we must act now as we look to the body of Christ to meet the need. We are asking that you direct your response to help by giving of your resources. All funds will go directly toward meeting the critical food and medical need that exists. Checks can be sent to:

Safe Harbor International Relief
P.O. Box 80820
Rancho Santa Margarita, CA 92688-0820

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  1. kennethleenorth says:

    I do pray that those who can give to alieve the hunger and suffering of the Sudan, do so generously.

    I do not know such agony. It pains me but yet I am glad to have not suffered so.

    Can anyone tell me what needs to be done to rectify the situation from within the Sudan? Why have today’s advances in technolegy and agriculture failed to reach the Sudan? Why does superstition have such a stranglehold on the Sudan?

    Why do so many thousands continue to choose to bring forth children in such an evironment which cannot sustain children on its own? I do not understand. Did this situation in the Sudan occur overnight or was it years in the making?

    You state that it is because you are Christians that relief is being withheld? Then the bible says that should be counted all joy? If the law of the land is Islam, then by all means submit to the law if that means that your children will be fed. God will not curse your soul for this. To think otherwise is to needlessly sacrifice your children to superstition. This is what drives the war. Those who would deprive little children of relief because of the beliefs of thier parents do not understand that if they silence those beliefs then the sand and rocks will themselves rise up and preach the very word they are trying to supress. Therefore, submit to the law of the land because God is greater than your fears. In other words, tame your environment and make it fruitfull. Be at peace with God and not at war because God is God and knows much better the ways of war than you do. Through faith, the baby Moses was placed in a basket and set adrift in the river. God will care for your children if your decisions are made to save their lives. And then they grow in righteousness to become great deliverers. If Christianity is but a garb put on to ward off tyrany, then it is not Christianity at all, just a garb. I am more inclined to believe that the Islamic law of the land is more at war with voodoo and baseless superstition than with a true compassionate Christian walk. The message of Christ is not the sacrifice of your children. It is with this in mind when the apostle Paul stated that he wished that all were as he, a single man with no children because that person with a family must submit for the sake of his family. To sacrifice one’s life at the expense of his children is to abandon them the same as if running off after a whore.

    Why can’t southern Sudan support itself? What changes in infrastructure need to take place? This should be your message to the world. Stop giving us fish and teach us to catch our own fish because tomorrow, we will still need fish.

    I do pray that those who can give to alieve the hunger and suffering of the Sudan, do so generously. Moreover, I pray that those in Khartoum search their hearts, souls, spirits and teachings and glean from within their innermost self a grain of compassion for the suffering of the homeless and hungry lest the Mahdi come and do unto them likewise.

    I call upon the neighbors of the Sudan that are rich and building monuments along the coast to come to the aid of their neighbors. Rather than reaching to the skies with sky scrapers that allow one to see and be seen from a great distance, build salt water purifiers and turn the desert into a garden. Are you building coastal towns to attract those that already have or are you preparing homes for aliviation of your neighbors? Just whom do you plan to invite? Will God call you his friend as was the King who built fountains and restored the gardens? Or will you be remembered as the blight against which good men have risen and fought in all of recorded history? You can indeed move mountains into the sea to build a paradise for the lives of the rich and influential but can you move the sea to the desert and build rich and influential lives? Is your faith in God or in riches? How will you be remembered?

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