Thanks for the blessings.

Thank your christian for the blessing bestowed upon my family. My wife has been saved. I am happy now. Although I don’t have a job as yet I am happy because lord will take care of us. I am getting small disability pension for now.

But my Father in Law George Mathew Mundattil is not happy at all. Even before when I had a job he was not happy with me. He used to make passes at me saying that the place where I live (It was a decent 2 bedroom apartment in a big city-Chennai) resembeled a hamlet and that there was no air ventilation. But it was a posh area where film stars used to live. He always used to criticize me saying that I was not taking care of her. He himself,when he got married, left his wife, in the hands of a Hindu Family because they both used to work and work in different districts. That too immediately after marriage. Even after doing such bizarre things when he himself was young and newly married ,now when he has received his pensions and now he is retired he wants me to be a picture perfect husband. He won’t take anything less than that. Now he is eyeing my child. He says that I don’t have the ability to rear my child and family. One fine day he called me up politely and asked me to bring my wife and kid to their house for a couple of weeks. After that when I went there to bring her back he refused to let them go saying that I have to find a job first then he will let her go. He never helped me once when I was running up and down to get my wife diagnosed and treated ( Even at that time I didn’t have a Job). I did call my mother in law at that time but she said that she could not come to our help. After a a heavy verbal fight with him at midnight I somehow managed to get my wife and child back from them.

When I had a Job my Father in Law and Mother in Law used to constantly nag me to leave the city and come back home and find a new job. Is that so easy especially in times of downturn. They don’t care about that. They have a son Bejoy George Mundattil he is currently studying MCA (Masters of Computer Application) and doing his project in Bangalore. I have a feeling that he is Jealous of me. He often used to describe that I am not as good as his own son. That he is more efficient. But he is not even employed as yet. He is yet to find his job although he is 24. We had visited a Holy Roman Catholic Priest named Paul and he had a vision saying that my Father in Law George Mathew Mundattil’s mother had committed severe excorsim on the land to be distributed to her sons. That land had been cursed. Upon his advice we went for a pilgrimage to Edappally St George Church, KorattiMatha Mary Church
and Velupadom St.Jospeh’s Church at one go.

Ever since my brother bought a car I suspect that they are becoming jealous of our family. George Mundattil has a car for a while. We never owned a car. My brother bought it recently. Ever since he has known that George Mathew Mundattil has become uncomfortable because he was always proud that he was the only car owner among us and that my family would never get the fortune of buying a car. A lot of misery has landed upon our Family lately. My brother had been hospitalized for Kidney stone for 40 days. He has had to travel up and down by Air paying thousand of dollars for expenses and now my Brother’s Father in Law committed suicide this week( 14-02-2010). So my brother has had to skip work and attend to his funeral. He has not been able to work for over a month now. Some or the other incident is affecting his job and now he has accumulated over 45 days in leave. Please help my brother and let him live peacefully with his wife.

My Mother in Law Ethamma P.V has been following up the story like hot headlines. She knows people who deal in spirits. She has been calling my house to know the latest news. They have not even paid last respects to the departed soul. I suspect that they have some sort of revenge on our family. They don’t want us to succeed. My father in law often used to chide our family surname saying that we are all pigs. He is a very difficult person to deal with. He shouts and roars for no reason. He is always ready to pick a fight with anyone.

Earlier we believed it was because he had not received his pension. But now he has but that has not changed him. Even his own family members except for his wife disapprove of his acts.

This is a confession for me.

Thank you once again
Jastine Jose

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