Thank you Lord for saving me from jail, pornography, fear, doubt, streess.

I would like to take this opportunity to let people know that I have witnessed & experienced the truly divine intervention from my savior in our Lord Christ Jesus. From things I fought so hard to control but was only able to overcome threw the Glory of God.

By reading on you will see how I overcame a destructive obsession, saved my family, avoided jail, and more. I am 31, married, was raised with a great religious upbringing and family etc.

10 years ago:
Things were awesome, so i thought. I had a brand new BMW, excess cash, late nights all that, living a life other 21 years old would love. Living that life I came across some older gentlemen with even more aspiration to make even more money etc and so i followed their lead, mostly to be cooler because I had the money, I just thought they were really cool. Long story short, I faced several years of prison, mostly from others throwing the blame on me and making it look like i was the main conspirator, which was the opposite. No matter what I said, the truth never took hold and these lies they made about me continued. I was scared like you have no idea. Life stopped, I thought I would lose my beautiful one of kind girlfriend, would tear my family apart, and would forever be damaged from PRISON.

Thank God that somehow that all just passed by. Shortly after I was in Church and for the first time after 15 years of going to Church, I felt his presence. I felt him in my heart without any warning, there I was crying. I’m sure some of it was because i know I was part of a bad thing and that i felt guilty for it, but more so I felt forgiven and saved… I felt that i was saved from jail but a deeper saved I had no words for. I was shown all the wrong things i had done, not just this court situation, but all the cruel words I used, the misleadingness, the perverse actions, lies, deceit, the immoral mindset, all these things were a part of me.. All this he showed me and said your are forgiven. Imagine someone disrespecting you and doing the opposite of what you tell them for 20 plus years, but they show the type of love and forgiveness you have never even imagined. You feel this love that if you multiply your parents love by 100 that it still doesn’t feel as good. That’s what i felt and experienced.

Fast forward to about 3 years ago.
I found myself in a great profession. The opportunity to make well over triple digit income and have fun doing it. It was a blessing. And after making decent money I relaxed and got comfortable with married life. This is where my biggest struggle in life came upon me. I had always since a young age been drawn to sex and pornography. I now was spending most of the day in my office, door locked, looking at that stuff rather than making money to support my families’ future. Developed over $50k in credit card debt and was sinking fast. Even though I know I needed to change and that I tried, I would always find a reason or excuse to continue that bad habit. It is my opinion that the evil one finds your weakness and uses it to breakdown your life. When you’re not strong and not in Spirit, then his evil work is done by you, i.e. being mean to others, not having any hope, etc. What became ironic, is that I was so scared of going to prison several years back, but now I had enslaved myself to this mental prison. I was dealing with fear about the most ridiculous things, doubts about things that i never had, always having thoughts of, “No i can’t accomplish that” or “everything is stupid” losing all hope and no direction, all because i was too stubborn to turn from what i know was wrong.
That’s when i felt guilty about God saving me in the past I now for the past couple years i neglected him and did what i wanted.
I was in my office in 10/14/2008, at 6:19. The lord showed me again my new mistakes. I felt so guilty for him showing me and family so much love and that I still turned my back again so to say. I fell on my knees, asked for the deepest forgiveness and felt this “inexpressible joy” take over me. The very next day i witnessed his love and compassion for me. I has $5 in the bank i needed to pay $300 for my wife’s dental work. I received a random phone call that I was owed money and they came and paid me exactly $300. All of a sudden, a project I was working on that seemed doomed took a total turn of action and ended up being the largest compensation i have ever had. I scheduled to look for another job the week after but thankfully the Lord provided for us.
Imagine its 130 degrees outside, imagine running for 5 hours in that heat, and at the end of the day rolling around in mud and trash. Now imagine coming home and taking a long shower. That’s what I felt, God by showering me with his love, cleaned me and energized me times a million. Get on your knees now and confess out loud to the Lord your sins, you will never feel better afterwords.

In conclusion:
Through deep meditation and also speaking the word of God out loud, which has allot of power, and through the mercy of OUR creator, I am changed person. Silencing and nullifying any attack from evil, and looking to only put out goodness. I fell like I have become a source of energy for others, rather than bringing them down as i did in the past, i now have this positive energy and outlook the radiates in me,(holy Spirit). I have answer every time i get on my knees and ask and dont feel alone anymore. The type of confidence I have no is impossible to gain with money or steriods or anything. I truly feel there is nothing that I cant overcome. I can honestly close my eyes and feel the Lords angels around me and my family protecting us. I find myself singing Christian songs? That’s weird to me because I thought only nerdy people did that. But once you are blessed and overtaken by the Lords energy, everything is different. Its not easy though because you will constantly be attacked because of your faith. Maybe not by people you see but by the demonic powers that you don’t see i.e. temptations or doubts etc. Those are the tools to bring you down, stay away from those. Don’t let this world and all its tv shows, news peer pressure etc do its job and keep you away from your faith. The closer you allow yourself to God the more you will see its rewards.

It was on this site I found the single most important piece of literature that helped overcome my fear of not being able to be successful and also strengthened my faith. Search for “DECELERATIONS OF FAITH FOR ABUNDANCE”. When i read this a few times it was good, but when i was suggested to fully relax my body and mind, and then read these powerful words out loud, I noticed great victories take place. I highly suggest it.
This site is an unbelievable blessing.
Thank you lord for answering my prayers, for guiding me to this site which you used to help change my life. Thank you for using my testimony to change others lives. I give all the glory to you. You are the truth and there is nothing greater than the truth. Hallelujah.





If there is anything I can do or any questions you have you can email me at


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