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Good Morning Everyone,

What a privilege it is to be able to join right smack dab in the middle of a community of faith like this one, virtually in the middle of an on going conversation in which it sure seems as though our Moderator of this conversation is the Lord Jesus Himself as He is present with us in the Person of the Holy Spirit.

Since this is the place where we new members introduce ourselves, I’m blessed with sort of a ‘portfolio’ that is already packaged. While I would be glad to answer any specific questions you might have about me directly, I would consider it an honor if you would be interested in my personal testimony and a specific ministry to which I believe God has called me by visiting a website the Lord placed upon the hearts of several friends of mine and me: I can tell by reading some of your introductory comments on this ‘get acquainted’ forum that many of you can certainly relate.

Suffice it to say, while I will soon be celebrating 40 years of formal “ordained” ministry as a Southern Baptist servant within the greater and universal body of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, and while I jump at every opportunity to proclaim the Word of God from His pulpit wherever the invitation is extended, and to teach in-depth studies of His Word in Bible studies and seminars, the majority of my time is devoted to writing Bible study helps and material and providing personal counseling, particularly to hurting brothers and sisters in Christ.

I can’t introduce myself in a forum like this without mentioning the wonderful powerful inspiration I receive from my dear wife, Michaela, with whom we will be celebrating 30 years of marriage on the 25th of this month, and the blessing of our only child, Wes, now an adult, a 24-year-old single architecture graduate student, who, despite being an accomplished martial arts expert (he’s the director of the karate program offered by one of the YMCA branches here in Louisville, Kentucky), his consuming passion is serving the Lord through a ministry to international students on the main campus of the University of Kentucky. Good thing he takes after his mother. Wow, am I so blessed! Anyway, if you compare my personal testimony at the Christianlifesaver website with the testimony that God can raise up gifted, talented, and remarkably humble servant children, even through the lives of inadequate parents like me, you will hopefully revel with me in the joy that God is so ready and willing to do great things in accordance with His Will, both in spite of and through any of us who demonstrate a ‘willingness,’ flawed as we may be, to align our own personal wills with His (Romans 8:28).

I’m going to close for now. I’d like to read some more of these ‘get acquainted’ blog entries. Even the one by the “anonymous” atheist is marked by an encouraging, respectful tone. 🙂

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