Thank you GOD..the devil is a liar…..

I greet you all in the blessed name of our lord Jesus christ. I am very fine and just thanking GOD for what he has done in my life and for saving my life from a tragic accident and untimely death.On monday(28/3/11) i dreamt that my fiance and i were sitted in the vehicle together with our church friends and we were busy killing snakes and finally a rat appeared which wanted to sting my fiance but i managed to kill it. Lately my fiance and I have been under the weather things have not been good for us or rather everything not turning out as planned.Last evening while driving back alone from church to home singing and praying after having a good time with my lord in the wednesday mid week service i felt something move and make noise in the vehicle and suddenly i stepped on it on the accelerator….all alone in the vehicle i screamed and the rat moved to my seat moving up and about on the seat and the steering……I lost control but by the grace of GOD found myself by in the convey with vehicles hooting for me…i began to say the word denouncing every evil to leave the vehicle and leave me alone,declaring the word of GOD upon my life that no weapon fashioned against me shall prosper…i prayed so hard that eventually the rat moved to the dashboard and was moving left and right while i was driving…..i eventually got home and rolled down the window called for the security guard to open the passenger door and the rat fell off the vehicle……I am grateful to GOD that he drove the vehicle and was with me throughout…because all by myself i could not have done.I went in the house and anointed my bathing water with anointing oil and applied it on my body.
I always move with people from church in the vehicle but for wednesday (30/3/11)it so happened that everyone had transport and hence i had to drive alone my fiance did not attend church he was busy with work. Had i carried people and screamed to them that there is a rat in the vehicle i think we could have died in a road accident.hence it was for a reason that i moved alone.

Thank you God for preserving my life,devil is a liar he will not take my life.

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