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Leading People to Christ at a Rate of One Per Minute

Brazil was an amazing experience. I had been to revival areas before, but had only met eye- witnesses. This time, however, we were in the midst of it. Ruth and I were overwhelmed with what God is doing there, and by the baptism of love that characterises the church. The commitment of the Christians was staggering. We both went to some of the Christians schools - both for Christians and among the poor. But school was not as we know it here. From 7 am to 4.30 pm daily, Christians taught them, fed them two cooked meals, looked after those of nursery age, nursed them with basic hygiene, had Bible studies with them, played sport and taught them craft skills. "How many of your church are involved in your social action programme ?" we asked - "All of them", came the immediate reply!

Prayer and intercession for many was a way of life. Intercessions had a high profile being on the platform in the large churches to pray for those taking part. At one church's mid-week meeting, I was asked to pray for their intercession team leaders - all three of them, who had responsibility for the meetings at 6 am, 12 noon and 6 pm - EVERY DAY ! A House of prayer in one city provided a network of prayer for the area, the nation and the nations of the world. They had many full-time paid staff, a full-time year-long training course for 100 trainee intercessors, a daily two hour radio prayer programme, round-the clock prayer teams. It was wonderful to be surrounded by all this. Intercession began to be caught in the nation about ten years ago. Revival began seven years ago. Connection ? A movement called "Deborah Awake" was started two years ago, with the target of getting 25,000 mothers praying for their children to be called into missionary service. So far there are over 13,000 parents praying for a total of 26,000 children to be called as missionaries!

Half-way through the first week, David Anderson and I Woke up to the fact that we were in a revival area and needed to draw the net in. When we did, we saw scores come to the front each time, some running ! Ruth and I were moved to tears at an agricultural show one night. From 6 pm to 6 am nightly for 15 nights, local Christians mounted an all night witness, with different church groups providing drama or creative dance group and mostly young preachers. There were leading people to Christ at the rate of one per minute ! That's over 700 a night!

I also spoke at a missions Conference for leaders from many parts of Brazil. I challenged them to pray for Europe, the unrevived Continent. God gave me a picture of Europe as being like a "tired old man", who needs help but is too proud to admit it; is inwardly rejoicing at the good things his offspring nations are doing; is too independent but needs them to come home and bless him. From this we hope that intercessors will come to Europe to pray in 15 capital cities this October.

A missionary