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I wondered if anyone else was having dreams of living in tents, or being displaced, trying to reach a destination where others are, or arriving at a large group people living in tents after striving to get there.

My wife dreamed twice now that we were pitching a tent in a large building with lots of other people doing the same inside. She said she didn’t know where it was or where we came from but it felt like it was a long journey to get there and we were relieved to arrive. Inside the building was divided with things like cubicle dividers and in each section was 5-8 tents with walkways around each section. She says that the people in each section were sitting together talking. She doesn’t know if the people were all Christians but says it was a peaceful feeling being there. As soon as we got our spot she said I left her to pitch tent and set up and I said I had to go begin witnessing or something like that.
That is all to that one.

I had a dream twice as well. I had been “fighting the adversary” in some way or another and was very weary. I know I needed rest and had found none for a long time. I was running. I came to a campground, very large with hundreds maybe thousands of tents. When I entered it the people there welcomed me warmly, like they were excited to see me and had been expecting me. Then it came to me that this was the Lords campground or his people’s/warriors. i just went as far back and center as I could get, and rested. I remember I felt very safe there and rested better than I had in a long time. I dreamed almost the same thing the next night. Except this time it was like I knew were the camp was and purposely returned to it.

A buddy of mine told me not long ago that he had a dream that he and his family was walking for a long time. Finally they came to the edge of a hill and looked down and he said it looked like an industrial warehouse like part of a city. It was filled with people who had made it into a camp of some sort. He said for some reason he knew these people were believers and he felt relieved to arrive.

If you have had similar dreams or know of someone who has please share them. Or if you have had a dream or vision of any kind that you think apply or is similar or feel the Holy Spirit speak to you in some way about this please share. I think maybe these dreams mean something but I’m missing pieces.

Also am in NW USA, might be interesting to see locations of people having similar dreams if anyone is.

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