How easy it is to get into the occult
Scriptures are from KJV

Honest! I was a little girl once and we played all kinds of silly games. I mentioned a game to a six year old girl today and she looked at me like I was crazy. I asked what she would be doing when she got out of school. Nothing! It’s boring. I played games but I got bored, too. I wanted something more. I wanted excitement.

I didn’t really like my life. I pretended it was something different. I lived in the future of what might have been instead of what was. We played a game “Mother may I?” I don’t remember it all but “Mother” would say “take one baby step or a giant step or something in between. The occult is like that. You take one baby step and maybe a few more until you are privileged to take one giant step. By that time you are hooked.

I always had my nose in a book. I liked Nancy Drew detective books, Little Women, Alice in Wonderland, Wizard of Oz. When I became a teenager, I leaned toward ones with excitement and romance in them, especially the Gothic ones. They always had some supernatural scenes in them, enough to give you goose bumps. I enjoyed that unknown factor of unexplainable happenings. My mother didn’t know what I was reading or what I was interested in. She really didn’t care. Young mothers, please pay attention to what your children are reading and what music they listen to. I am just telling you how easy it is to get trapped into the occult. The devil makes it fun for impressionable young minds.

Deuteronomy 18:10-11 “There shall not be found among you any one that makes his son or his daughter to pass through the fire, or that uses divination, or an observer of times, or an enchanter or a witch. Or a charmer, or a consulter with familiar spirits or a wizard or a neocramancer.” Divination means witchcraft or trying to tell the future by occult means. Occult means mysterious, beyond human understanding or hidden.

I had quite a few pen pals. One woman was practically crying for help. Her husband was a male witch. As a new Christian, I thought I could help her. I talked about Jesus and salvation. I said I would pray for her. She wrote back and told me to quit writing to her. She was afraid for my life. She said if he got hold of my letters, he could use them to take possession of my body. I dropped a pen pal. Isaiah 15:23 “For REBELLION is as the sin of witchcraft, and STUBBORNNESS is as iniquity and idolatry.” How many kids are rebellious and stubborn today? How about grownups? I’ve been guilty of both.

I read my horoscope every day. I wanted to know what to expect. I said I didn’t believe it; it was just fun. Just the same I was careful about what I did that day. I had my first part time job as waitress at 16. I made 35 cents an hour. At 17 I was offered a job as telephone operator for 75 cents an hour. That was a big jump and a lot of money at that time so I took it. My parents made me pay $10 a week for rent. Whatever I had left over, I could spend it anyway I wanted to.

I bought all the books I could find on astrology to learn how to chart my own life and for anyone else who was interested. My biggest thrill was to take a train into Pittsburgh to take dance lessons at Arthur Murray’s. I found a quaint little Mystic tea room around the corner from the dance studio where I could get my fortune told. It was exciting. I had a curious mind and wanted to learn about many forbidden things.

I played with the Ouija board. It can scare and thrill you at the same time. Sometime between reading cards and getting married at 22, I joined the Rosicrucians, a mind over matter secret society. You THINK you see a tree but it is really only in your mind. You can just as easily make it disappear—so they say. I never tried it but I didn’t doubt it could be so. Before you open your mail, you use ESP on it. You concentrate on what your mail is before you open it. You do the same with the telephone. Amazingly, it did work.

One experiment I had to make was to put two candles on either side of a mirror on a mantle. All other lights are turned off. You look straight into your own eyes and tell them what you saw. I saw the devil; leering at me as if to say: “Ha! Ha! I got you now.” That scared me. I ran and turned every light in the house on. I quit that route. New ones took its place.

I tried hypnosis and the hypnotist, with a pretty good practice, wanted me to take over. She was getting too old. It just struck me now. If she really believed what she was teaching and doing, she wouldn’t be getting old. It fits tightly in with reincarnation.

Hypnosis is a dangerous practice; a mind control thing. They can make you do and say things you would never do in your right mind. I liked reincarnation because it gave sense (so I thought) to my messed up life. I believed I was having a rotten time now because I was rotten in my past life. Maybe my next life would be better until I reached my nirvana—a place or condition of great bliss or peace; paradise if you will.

You cannot reach that state except through Jesus Christ. John 14:27 “Peace I leave with you, my peace I give to you; not as the world gives, give I unto you. In spite of all the turmoil and trouble around us, we can have that peace Jesus offers. I can prove it but only after I got out of all the devil’s work.

I lived in a bad town right next door to hard core drug pushers and users. Some of them would come up my back steps and jump over to a roof next to me. Many other crimes were committed all around me. But I slept well at night. I never knew what was going on until someone told me but I was at peace. I never worried about it. I knew God had His angels surrounding me.

I had a habit of going out the back door to check the weather every morning to see what I should wear to work. I came home that evening and went to bed. Next morning I went to the back door. It was standing wide open! It must have been opened for 24 hours! No body bothered me. I believe my angels scared them off.

Jesus is in the fiery furnace with us or in the lion’s den. Psalms 23:4 “Though I walk through the valley of death, I will feel no evil.” This whole world is like that valley of death until we belong to Jesus.

Before that I got interested in UFO’s, walk-ins and space brothers. I was told Jesus was one and I believed it! I got involved in the Mormons, Jehovah Witnesses, Bai Hai’s (another Jesus with a different name.) to name a few. Finally I was ready to get into the new Age. In it anything goes and I was my own god; so they say. They were really the controllers. They would tell you can do anything that makes you forget God, our Creator.

I found an ad in a U.F.O. magazine. It said to send $20 and they would tell you what your mission in life was. I wanted to save the whole world but not let Jesus do it. I sent the money on a Wednesday. I got the impression to cancel that check. I knew it was from God. I argued that I wasn’t going to do anything about it. I was just curious as to what they would say. A few days later I got the same impression but louder and stronger— rather angry. A thought came into my mind that said: “You have to make up your mind whether you are going to serve me or Satan. I had been sitting on the fence. I wanted the best of both worlds. THERE IS NO BEST ON THE WRONG SIDE. I canceled the check.

Each baby step I took led me one step forward until I tried to take the big giant step into the occult. I finally had enough. I gave up and quit playing the “game”. We can not laugh it off as a big joke. T.V. shows like “Bewitched”, “Sabrina, the teen age witch” and other such shows , seem to be funny and you can get to the point you begin to think witches and magic are cute and all so normal. I can add Harry Potter to the list.

I laughed as much as the next guy until I saw Bewitched one Halloween night. Endora blasphemed God by saying she didn’t know why people made such a fuss over Christmas when Halloween was the biggest and best holiday. Christmas is derived from a pagan holiday. She took it as the Christian celebration of Jesus’ birth. It was God the Son she was attacking not the holiday.

Any little thing that has any hint of the occult is a dangerous thing. It can be planted subtly into your mind and it grows steadily every time you see or hear anything related to that subject.
IT IS NO GAME. It should have poison marked on it. Then stay away from it as far as you can get.

I thank God that He got me out of all of that. It’s like being in prison. You are being fed poisonous food and your body and soul both rot away. It’s all around us. We can get saturated with it and not even know it. I pray for anyone trapped in that bondage that they will let Jesus release them and set them free. Mark 4:18b “he has sent me to heal the broken hearted, to preach deliverance to the captives”.

Please don’t take that first baby step. God loves you and wants to bless you. Hold fast

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  1. warrior daughter says:

    First off, let me say that God knows the tears that you have shed over this relationship…

    You have a soul tie with him that must be severed…The actions of this man has shown you several times that he does not respect you nor love you and that he is a candidate for a STD and years of agony and hurt if you did marry him…

    God in His wisdom does not want you to continue to suffer and you must not think that this man is the one that God has for you…There is a old saying that the devil will give you his best to keep God from working in your life…

    As far as the prophetic words spoken over you, toss them aside and seek God for yourself …Prophecy is for the building up and not for the tearing down of a person nor does it cause confusion….

    Is this man the price of your soul ???? You must not settle for anything that will destroy you not only here on earth but also eternally….

    You will be able to look back on these events with this charleton and praise God that He carried you through and that God revealed the truth about this man before you married him…

    God does not want you to settle for just anyone but for a man who will love and cherish you but foremost love God with all his heart soul and mind..

    Stop thinking about what could have been but start thinking about what will be with God in charge of your life…Cast all your cares upon Him for He careth for you….

    • Desperate for Change says:

      Greetings in Jesus Name!
      Wow it feels good to greet someone in the name of the Lord! I haven’t done that in a long while! Peace and grace be with you sister!

      In response to both your comments:

      firstly, thank you for encouraging me to forget about the words spoken over both our lives. What i’ve learnt was that whatever the person prophecies, it should be backed up with God’s word. So i do not believe anymore that he was ever the one for me! God wants the best for me and yes i do still love this guy, but i’m accepting that we were never meant to be. If we were then we would have never ended up where we are at now. Someone who cheats doesn’t love you, they just love the idea of you… I think accepting that we were not meant to be makes it easier to want to move on!

      The other guy that tried to force himself on me actually lied about being saved. He “claimed” to be a child of God but in His speech i could hear that he was not. I kept on telling myself that I’m not going to judge him, as i too have a lot of sin in my life. And who am i to say that he’s not in the right place. Right? Wrong! I saw the signs, but refused to take it in consideration! He is not from our church, i don’t think that he is at any church. Praise God that He’s not a part of my life anymore either!!!

      I want to thank everybody who is praying for me from the depth of my heart! It’s awesome to know that people all over the world are praying for me! This gives me strength to want to go on! I don’t know what the future holds for me, but i know that God has my best interest at heart! Why others would he expose these two men for who they really are! The worst is over! I believe it!!!!

      God Bless you!

      I will keep in touch on how God is carrying me. Today is day 2 of my fast and there is already a change in the way i pray, think and i am more focussed! This is what God does! I know i have a long way to go, but i’m serious and desperate for change!!!! And i know that thru my experience I’m going to be able to encourage others. Educate young people about abstinence and staying pure and saving yourself for marriage!

      I love you All So Much!


      • warrior daughter says:

        I have had my heart broken too by a man who claimed to be a Christian but there were warning signs and I just ignored them…We too were going to get married but God stepped in a few weeks before the marriage and we broke up…From the very beginning God spoke to me “What will you give for your soul?”….Soon I was able to quiet this voice and continued on…We had both been married before and I had been divorced and a widow for many years and he divorced twice…We started our relationship with no secrets or so I thought…We both had the gift of prophecy and we both liked so many like things…I can look back on this relationship and now see the well organized trap that was laid for me…I have always wanted to be cherished and loved and this was a hurt from my childhood on since I was tossed aside by my birth parents and had memories of it…
        When we broke up, I did not think I could go on….There were demons involved in this relationship and I have never been so needy of anyone in my life…The man’s gift of prophecy was not from God but from a familiar spirit and …When we broke up, it took several months for me to see things as they really were…

        here is a link to my blog that was written a few months after the break up…I believe it will speak to your heart


        I will no longer call you Desperate but I will call you Victorious

        • Warrior Daughter said it right.

          From now on you will be called ,”Victorious”

          You just need to follow the Word of God

          Let us all say Amen to that.

          Victorious , you too !!!

          In the Lord


  2. Desperate for Change says:

    I’m a 25 year old woman who loves the Lord with all my heart. A few years my life was “perfect” I was saved, served in ministry and was so, so on fire for Christ! Then i fell in love with a wonderful God fearing man who also served in ministry in our church and we waited on God to show us if we were meant to be. It was confirmed in our hearts that we were meant to be, people confirmed it, prophets that didn’t know us, confirmed our relationship and marriage. But one lady came to us prophecying that we are meant to be together, but my boyfriend at that time is going fall with a woman and have a child with her. She said that he’s going to leave me because he’s going to “believe” that he loves her and be with her for a while. But he’s going to realise his mistakes and come back and we’re going to be happily married! She also said that she doesn’t live our lives for us, we still have the choice to resist the enemy. We prayed about it and asked God to take that test away from us. We believed that God did. But as the time went on, we started falling into sexual sin! It started out with heavy petting and later sex. We would pray about our sin, but the guilt of failing caused us to do it again and again, every time after falling, we’d pray and cry out to God for forgiveness, but we’d just end up doing it again! As the time went on, we changed, we ended up leaving our ministries and we made all kinds of excuses as to why we are not serving anymore! But things between us were still good. We got engaged and started planning our wedding! It was going to be the wedding of the year! But then suddenly one day my fiance gave me a letter. Saying that he’s been cheating on me for 5 months and the girl he cheated with had a miscarriage and he loves her. But he loves me too.. This crushed me! And i thought then that the prophecy came true. There is no living child, but she was pregnant. Things didn’t work out between the two of them. We were only apart for a few weeks and then ended up being together again, this was an emotional time for me and for him, thru it all we fell into sin again. It became like a sick cycle. But i still noticed a huge change in him. Then i found that he was “still” cheating, only this time with someone else. This crushed me even further but because i so much wanted to be loved and accepted I made him end the relationship and we got engaged again. This time we planned a smaller wedding. He was still very secretive and everytime he’d say that he’s not in a good space. When i asked him questions about where he was or what he was doing, he’d tell me that he’s trying to sort out his life, but i’m not allowing him to, and he’d say things like i’m falsely accusing him. It turned out that he was still cheating. Only this time with someone totally different! Things got so out of hand between the two of us, I wanted to kill him at one stage because here i was giving my heart and soul to him, and all he did was throw it back in my face! We broke off eventually and he is now with the third girl he cheated on with. I am still very hurt as this happend a few weeks ago. He is now telling her how much he loves her and she says that she’s with child now. Is the prophecy only coming true now? I too got involved with someone after we broke up but things weren’t serious at all. but a few weeks after seeing this person, he tried forcing himself on me and Thank God i managed to talk him out of raping me. I was shocked, but it’s thru that experience that i realised that I need to make my life right with God.

    Yes i’ve been trying really hard over the last year to get my life in order with God but never really did. I honestly don’t know if the man who used to be my fiance is the man for me, but i do know that God has taken away the very thing that kept me away from God himself. I know that I’ve openend doors to impurity and with that many other spirits transferred into me and the word of God says that the wages of sin is death, to me it feels that i died a spiritual death thru the doors i openend to sin my relationship died because of sin and my ministry died because of my own sin.

    I am here today, with an open heart, confessing my sin to God and the world is my witness. i want change! I want to be cleansed and healed from this pain. It’s not nice knowing that the man you planned to spend the rest of your life with is now loving someone else. But i need to move on and know that God only wants the best for me. I decided to go into a 10 fast and i know that thru this, God will see my heart and I know that i am going to overcome many obsticals. The battle is mostly in my mind and i need to overcome.

    I’ve made Psalm 51 and Psalm 25 my prayer for forgiveness and deliverance. I’m using the confessions to build me spiritually and I’m surrounding myself with godly peole and I decided to seek God’s face thru it all! I am desperate for change and I’m going to get it! I am standing up from my fall and i believe that i can do all things thru Christ who strengthens me! I will sing His praises again! I will serve the Lord my God with all my heart again!

    To those who think that it’s not possible to stand up after falling, i too feel that it’s impossible, but God does say that He’s the God of the impossible! And i would rather believe that God is going to take me thru this than to just let satan rob me of everything i have. I might have lost the love of my life, but i know that i will never loose Jesus! He is the true vine and i want to be in that vine!

    Stand up! Rise up and fight the good fight of faith! God sees your heart and thru that he will bless you!
    i don’t know what God’s plan is for my future, but i know that it’s something awesome!

    I know that I am going to testify very soon of how God lifted me up from where i am now!

    God Bless!

    Desperate for God!

    • Timothy Luke says:

      Hi Desperate!

      You are in a good place (being desperate that is…). I recall Jesus’ words to the woman caught in adultery, “go and sin no more.” In saying that to her, I think we need to realize he probably spoke healing and deliverance to her heart so that she could stand in the admonition to ‘sin no more.” That same provision of deliverance is here for you sister. You have been faithful to “confess your faults one to another that you might be healed.” Put the old woman away and walk in the newness of the spirit.

      I do not like prophetic words because frankly they seem like spiritual candy… very pleasing in the moment, but of little value and a bit of danger. If we receive a word spoken by a devil, we receive the devil that comes with it. I would consider renouncing seeking after personal prophecies. Live your life for God and He will cover you. Jesus said, “take no thought for tomorrow, for sufficient for the day is the evil thereof.” That being the case, why would God see the need to speak into our lives about tomorrow, when He has told us to focus on today?? Often the devil comes as an angel of light and then brings about his evil plans to pass. Ask the Lord if He would have you renounce the words of the prophetess (I know she was well meaning) and break the power of the words spoken over your life.

      I encourage you to seek to be a Godly woman and trust Him to bring a Godly man into your life once you have been about His business. “Seek ye first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all these things shall be added unto you.”

      I am proud of you for making the hard choices. The Lord will surely bless you in your pursuit of Him!

      • Hi Desperate! ,

        From a very practical point of view , I think you need to
        get rid of this jerk in your life , ….
        Just stop thinking of him or mailing him ,
        or calling him or talking to him.

        Ministry or no ministry , he is Satan personified.

        It is clear , ….he does not want you.
        It is time for you not to want him.
        Spit him out of your system.

        Your sins are washed away ,….by the blood of Jesus.
        “Confess with your tongue and believe in your heart
        that Jesus is Lord” ….and your job is done.

        Go find another guy ,…and once you are sure ….
        get married right away ,…..

        God will be with you ,……….
        and right now take the Bible with its verses with you
        for good measure.

        Prov 5:20-22
        “My child , give attention to my words
        Incline your ear to my sayings
        Do not let them depart from your eyes
        Keep them in the midst of your heart
        For they are light to those who find them
        And health to all their flesh”


        Mail back with the good news.



    • warrior daughter says:

      I have been thinking all day about your post and this troubles me also…

      I too got involved with someone after we broke up but things weren’t serious at all. but a few weeks after seeing this person, he tried forcing himself on me and Thank God i managed to talk him out of raping me. I was shocked, but it’s thru that experience that i realised that I need to make my life right with God.

      I have a question and you can answer it if you want to or not…Was this guy from your church also??? If he was then sexual sins are in your church and it needs to be stopped…
      The leadership must address these sins and not sweep them under the rug…

      People who come into the church and are single but have been sexually active do not realize that sex outside of marriage is a sin..They think well I am not married and so I can sleep with whomever and still remain a Christian..

      Again I cannot express more than enough that you are precious in the sight of the Lord and He will not toss you aside as something that is worthless…You have confessed your sins and now it is time for you to walk in victory not just this moment in time but every moment ….

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