getting to know God

Hello everyone.

I have several questions that I am really having to a hard time understanding.

First of all some background information about myself to better understand where I am coming from. I was raised Catholic. Now I dont do all things that a Catholic by definition should do, but none the less the thing is that I belive in God. Now reading more of the bible, I am faced with many questions. I know that Jesus Christ gave up his life for ours and in having done so there should be no religion God and Christ are not religions but our Saviour.

The bastard curse

Hello to everyone. I am new here and was wondering some things. I was reading up on the bastard curse. On chapter 7 there is some confusion on my behalf that I just really don’t understand and was hoping that someone would explain it to me.

On one of the examples of the bastard curse it says that “God had covenanted with Abram, declaring that he would be the father of many nations. Abram and Sarah faithlessly pre-empted God by taking Hagar and producing the bastard son, Ishmael. Ishmael was cursed. He was not God’s plan.


The introduction at the beginning of each chapter is not the chapter itself. You must click on the highlighted title of each chapter to bring up the entire chapter to read it. Each chapter is quite long and comprehensive.

The “danger” in preaching the truth resides only in the imagination of the person who doesn’t understand the truth.

The online book “HIS ACHIEVEMENT ARE WE” by James Coram needs no defense. It stands on its own merit.
It has helped many people.

Goals in life.

I just heard about this from a preacher, I thought I might share it here. This preacher said that one day he had this kind of revelation/knowledge revealed. He said that God has planned how each men/women should live their life, setting some kind of schedule with timeline and goals. He give an analogy of these schedules as lots of dots as goals and these dots formed a picture. Reaching goals is kind of drawing a line from one dot to another dot.

Is it possible for someone to earn salvation without Christ ?

Sorry, the answer for my question could be very simple but I need to ask things because I want to learn as much as I can from other who have more knowledge than me. Okay this issue is come up in some Indonesian forum I read just recently. It seems that there are opinion saying that for those who are not Christian there are still chances to be saved. In regard that all religion teach about righteousness, justice, kindness and love toward other.

And in the Romans St.

Just an idea

I’m not sure whether this is a good idea or not. I just thought maybe it will strengthen us all, the idea is how about if we make promise here to set a certain time for us to pray together, so at that time although we not pray in the same location, we might pray at the same time.

How do you know that certain idea is came from God ?

Hi, I’m new here. I’ve been up and down in my relation with God and only ercently I have this kind of stregth to believe in God. I still have lots of things that I don’t know yet and wand want to understand. Like some people tell how they heard God speak to them about this and that.

In the Bible some prophets seems to hear God just like they heard people talking to them. Like Samuel as a child, Samuel thought that Ely is calling to him when God call him.

Sexual Freedom

In the name of Jesus-Christ,

Father in Heaven,

Set me free from all lust so that I will not think sexually about any women.

For it mentions in the bible one sexual though with one women is enough to condemn you to hell.

Thank You for setting me free with the blood fo jesus-christ.

Thank You



I was sleeping at night and then I felt demons and witches attack me.

Then I felt holiness rise up in me and then I heard a voice speak in me and mentionned to demand judgement on everyone.

When I spoke I felt the holiness speak out of my mouth as I demanded judgement on everyone.

Did judgement pass on me.

I had a problem with lust and what follows and the Abrahamic Seed Group Women passed judgement on me. I heard it and it was not nice.

The most powerful preachers in North America are the King James Bible Preachers. Especially the ones tha DR.

Once Saved Always Saved

I went through a religious experience that I will not forget.

I had the ennemy do ecerything to me.

They tried to force me to blaspheme the Holy Ghost. This sin can be commited but it must be free will.

They put my mind in darkness and so forth.



Light – Darkness – Light Again.



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