I got saved tonight!

 Tonight, I have just made the greatest decision of my life.

No obstacle too great.—My personal testimony.

As a first time writer, especially when in words of non fiction, I find myself assuming an even greater measure of accountability in their structure.

Jesus Christ Took Away Our Disgrace!!!

Mrs. & Mr. T. R.Matthews
Navi Mumbai
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“He settles the barren woman in her home as a happy mother of children.” Ps. 113: 9

This is a testimony from my family life and how God moved and proved to the world once again that He is the Mighty, Loving God and those who trust in Him will never be put to shame.

My personal testimony and God’s deliverance

I will continue to update this thread with testimonies I have not yet shared and new praise reports.

This is kind of long and detailed! And my apologies for any typos or poor grammar.

God’s healings

I would like to share my testimonies of God’s healings in my life. Prayer is powerful and Jesus Christ is our Healer. I want to start off by talking about some lessons tha Lord has taught me about healing. I had to hold fast to this knowledge through trials of my faith. Healing comes from our faith in His promises and ceasing from our own works. He’s taught me to look IN THE PAST at what Christ did on the cross. He bore my curse on that cross over 2000 years ago and I was healed by His stripes, the Bible says.

God’s provision

I wanted to share some really neat testimonies about God’s power and provision. The LORD WILL provide for those who ask of Him, whatever they need. Even if it’s something we may not think is that important to ask God for (like hot chocolate), He will provide it because He loves us and wants to show us He’s the same today, yesterday, and forever. Here are 4 of my testimonies (and I look forward to sharing many more).

A blind man could see this.

It did not happen to me but i was there and it happened to my big brother. He doubts that God exists.So we were at McDonalds getting burgers when we were talking about god and he said something like”how do know god is even there and what proof is there?” If i were reading this i would find it hard to believe but it is true i do not lie.As soon as he said this an old man knocked on his window(we were in the drivethrough)offering a pamphlet relating god.My aunt just waved “no thanks” while i laughed because i was just amazed at the irony. and my brother was like “that was weird.

God speaks to me!!

God is good, God is great! Praise God almighty! I went to church and God spoke to me through the pastor and the wife of the pastor. While we were singing I kept thinking God is this it is this where my faith ends please God don’t let me fall help God help me God. Then the pastor in the middle of singing got up and said” the Lord has placed in my heart there are people here who are tired, can’t go any further who are having a crisis in their heart. This is what the Lord says ‘ Come to me and do not trust in your own reasoning and thinking come to me Listen to my voice.’ (Something like that).



Utilizing Christian faith to counter negative cultural influences

I suppose living in a country that affords me so many freedoms means I have to put up with others having those freedoms as well. Since I enjoy freedom of speech and freedom of expression, I need to live with others expressing themselves freely, even if I find it stupid or offensive. Maybe especially then.


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