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Web Hosting Hassles

Apologies for the site going down for about a day. This was due to a combination of DNS problems and the web host changing servers and IP address. And some people’s postings and registrations were lost in the last week. I painstakingly recreated some of the site pages by looking at cache entries and editing them. Please pray for this ministry and that nothing will be lost. I need to look at more backup solutions as well, and will do so.

We are working on moving this site into drupal

Please pray for us as we are working on moving this site into the Drupal framework. Hopefully, I’ll never have to switch to another Content management system after this. I wish I’d known about this one a couple of years ago.

I have engaged the services of someone who should be helping with this process. Pray for him also.

If you find any broken links I would love it if you could let me know.


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