Emergency Prayer Requests

Hi all, a young man I have been studying the bible with need immediate prayer for his parents. His dad has stage 4 cancer and his mom was just rushed to the emergency room is dieabetic. The whole needs prayer. They need deliverence and salvation. I also ask that you will pray for my finances. I am have been expecting to recieve some money and haven’t recieved it yet. It’s way over due. Please remember my dad and mom as well. My dad has Lung cancer and needs deliverence from it. Also, my mothers over weight and obese she’s trying to loose weight but it’s taking it’s toll on her body.

Hailey from Arizona Needs your Prayers

I received a request for a young girl. From ArizonA, by the Name of Hailey, SHe has just Had a surgery for Cystic Fibrosis.. This is the same Disease that has plagued our Dear Brother HollyRolller11 or Joe’s Grandsons. I wish to ask for those help Whom will promise to lift Hailey up as well as Joes Grandsons in prayer before our Lord For At Least 40 Days and to fast along with their prayers! But I will take as much prayer as anyone will give for these 3. It is well worth the effort. And 3 beautiful children of GoD have Sufferd too long with this illness.

Restoration of my Relationship

Greetings to the Body of Christ. I have been believeing God to restore my relationship with ma boyfriend because we separated for 6 months and now he is seeing someone else. I need to know the will of God in this and am aslo praying for patience as i wait for God’s answer. Am also praying for God to change him because theree are aspects of his character that are not good.Thanks and God bless as we believe together .


I am searching for a new job in IT Sector for the past 6 months in England but nothing is happening for me, I am so depressed and lost the hope about the future.

previously i was getting at least interviews now even no reply for the past two months

Favor with the prosecutors and the judge

First off, I want to thank everyone for all their prayers and encouragement. For those of you who know and have been down in the trenches with me this has been a long drawn out battle in court for the past year. The higher ups in the prosecution team are still not budging at this point. I’ve made phone calls and talked to several lawyers and even friends. My case hasn’t gotten any better yet. So all I can do is sit back and wait on the Lord. With that said I have met some real awesome people on here and am deeply indebted to you for your genuine love.thank you again!

Liver Cancer and was told he only had 4-6 Months to Live today.

Today I heard from my closest friend and I have come here to ask for a prayer for A Miracle in her Dads Life. His name is. JERRY DOLINSKI. He was told that he only has 4-6 montHs to Live. I Don’t know if it is the Will of God or not, All I see is that he is a Brother in Christ Jesus. And his daughter & I had our Hearts sown together as kids. AnD her family has been a blessing to me & many others. Her Dad is a Babe in Christ Jesus, But if this is Not Gods will than we need a miracle if it is Gods will than we need prayers for comorting him and his family.

i am losing hope… i dont know where writing with no Christian friends and supporters will lead me…

i feel terribly uneasy… please support me… i feel alone… i wanna be happy guys…

i WAS into occult before

Health problems for 20+ years

I’m 47. On top of my FMS, CFS, osteoarthritis, osteopenia, mild scoliosis, sciatica, hypothyroidism and menopause…I now have Skin Cancer (squamous, basal, keratosis), skin necrosis, dna damage, nerve damage, dead and gone oil, sweat and sebaceous glands, etc, etc. I would like to ask anyone to pray for healing for me.
I’m ‘at the end of my rope’ now and even though death seems like it would be a tremendous relief, I have responsibilities that I cannot abandon.

Pray for my daughter’s healing

To my brothers and sisters.
I am currently fasting for the healing of my eighteen year old daughter who has been diagnosed by a specialist with an inactive thyroid gland. His words were ‘it’s completely dead’. Also the medication she would need to take will have to be taken for the rest of her life.
I believe nothing is ‘dead’ unless God says it’s dead and all the medication we need is Jesus Christ.
Will you lift her up in your prayers? May I also ask those who are able to pray in the Spirit, to do so? Her name is Bernedean.

To overcome fear of potential harm

Im a 27 year old woman with so much life experience in pain and sufferings. However God has provided favor for me along my journey. This is what gives me such strong faith in moving forward in a postive manner. My biggest trail at this time is the father of my kids. Ive been in a relationship with him for the last 10 yrs. ( yes making me only 16 when I meet him) He is five years of age older than I. Since day one this man has had a life of drugs, stealing and physical abuse towards me. As a teenager I was young and nieve.


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