Please pray for my marriage of nearly 29 years

Please pray that God would restore my marriage of 29 years to my wife Julia. We have been divorced since February and I am hoping and believing God for a complete restoration of our marriage. Thank You

Healing Prayer Request

Please, pray for healing over my body. I have a lot of things wrong with my body right now and I have faith that God can heal me. Thank you everybody.

Need Prayer to Break All Curses Against Me And For Finances /Job /And or Business


Thank you for this site!

I have lost my wife to ovarian cancer about 3 years ago. Doris loved children and taught second graders in a Christian school. Yet Doris and I could never have any children. I have been out of work for a few months now. I lost two jobs because someone said something they should not have. Both bosses praised my work a day before loosing the jobs. I am deep in debt and credit card companies are sueing me.

I have run many failed businesses.


Pray for me i forwarded my application to source foreign currency (£169) on Formal Market for my ACCA exam fees but its now Six months nothing is on sight my due date is 15 April 2007.


Please pray for us I am afraid of losing my house right now cannot seem to make ends meet please prayer for us to be able to make it I currently have my house up for sale and really need to sell it so we do not lose it within this next month.


Hi, I am Casey. I have applied for many positions in the past months, but I am not getting any requests for interviews. By profession, I am a school administrator. I really need a breakthrough. I started a 3 day fast today after having read the section, “Call to Fasting.” I would appreciate your prayer support. I really need to understand God’s direction for my life. I know that He never closes a door without opening another one somewhere. Thank you and God Bless You!

Need strength, faith and wisdom.

Michael, I have sent you an email about this but as I wrote it and sent it, I keep thinking about it and I finally reach a conclusion. To other its about a policy in my company that I believe is not according to God’s law. I’m involved with the policy as I’m part of the team that have to execute it.

Anyway I decide to bring this problem to the ex-plant manager who become the company advisor now. I have sent an email to him and waiting for his response. Whatever it is.

for husband

Pray for my husband Craig’s salvation aslo for complete healing in his spinal cord and spinal column in his back and neck. Pray he will advance in the career he is pursuing and that he will have favor with his peers and those over him.

Pray for new Job

I was fired in January due to being out for back surgery. I interviewed for a job a couple of weeks ago and they are suppose to make a decision this coming week. I would love to have this job Please pray that this job will come through. I am 46 and have never been fired in my life. This has been a very trying time.


Please stand in the gap for our family over the next couple of weeks. We are need of prayer for our finances. Pray that God will provide food for our family. My husband works hard. We pay our tithes and we are believing that the Lord will provide for our needs. Due to high bills and getting behind on a couple of things we are desperate right now. We have to children to feed. If God doesn’t move I don’t know how we will buy food for them.


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