Shadows of Darkness Now Falling on Beasts and Men

Shadows of Darkness Now Falling on Beasts and Men You are not an animal. The worldview of evolution lies when it says that you are. This is not just a lack of understanding, which might be forgiven, but a deliberate attempt to avoid the truth and, what’s worse, to try to keep that truth from […]

The Living Dead–In Jesus’ Time and Ours

It is easy to be fooled by appearances. Those with false worldviews seek not only our money but our very bodies and minds (a function of our souls). Their methods can include the education of children in worldly public schools, government policies, general cultural values, and even religious institutions. The finished product of such ungodly […]

The Crooked Lines of God

The Crooked Lines of God Perhaps you have voiced to God the complaint that both Job and Jeremiah also did, that sometimes things just don’t make sense, that God seems to do nothing about evil and that the world seems to defy God and get away with it. Jeremiah put it this way: “You are […]


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