The Battle is His – Victory is Mine

Which Way Lord? – Chapter 13 – Dr Chandrakumar

The Battle Is His, Victory Is Mine

Victory is your inheritance, if you are born again, and belong to the kingdom of God by receiving Christ in your life. First, desire your victory, await readily anticipating it to come on your way and then claim it through the word of God, “You give me your shield of victory and your right hand sustains me…” (Ps. 18:35). Jesus said, “…Take courage, I have overcome the world.” (Jn. 16:33).

Our victory is solely based on Christ’s Victory on the cross.

Revival Breaking out in Iran

So many of the beautiful Iranian people are turning to Christ today. Many are seeing visions of Jesus and becoming true Christians.

Many people are dissatisfied with Islam, which has been rammed down their throats and enforced by law.

May God bless His precious people in Iran.

Afshin’s Testimony – Former Hezbollah fighter and Iranian Muslim turns to Christ

This man from Iran was very serious about his commitment to Islam. He prayed 5 times a day and read the Qu'ran from cover to cover every 10 days. He had spiritual powers from speaking with Djinn (evil spirits).

He was sent to share Islam with the "poor misled Christians" but ended up becoming a Christian himself.

Contradictions in the Qu’ran (Koran)

I really don't suppose that this will convince any muslim that the Quran is flawed, but one never knows. I believe that man's intellect is fallen, and has the capacity for infinite rationalisation and self-deception. Religion blinds the best of us. It can stare you in the face but if you believe something enough, the facts won't make a dent in it.

There are a number of apparent contradictions in the Quran. Whether they can be resolved is a matter for clever philosophers, the kind who can use a globe to prove that the earth is flat. Here is just one:

Jesus in the Koran (Qu’ran)

Some observations by Marlies Zechner

Muslim Brotherhood preparing for Jihad on Israel

Walid Shoebat, former islamic terrorist turned Christian, talks about the new islamic revolution that is happening in the Middle East right now. Muslims use a cover of peace. You can't believe anything they say in English. You have to know what they are saying to their own people in ARABIC.


Many people are getting really scared from all these prophesies about the end of the world is next year and how many horrible things are going to take place but lets just stop a second.Isnt God the one that created the world?Isnt also true that God saidnobody knows the hour otr time he is coming back for his bride?For over a hundred yearsso many false prohesiesand lies have been proclaimed about the word of god and god himself.But my God is all knowing,all loving and all powerful.We as christians need to quit doubting,quit wondering and quit listening to the lies of the secular world and

How to Use the Blood Of Jesus Christ

We are going to address today the POWER of the Blood of Jesus Christ. 

The power of the blood of Jesus Christ is not fully understood by most Christians. Although people understand theoretically that Jesus Christ was a sacrifice of human blood for all mankind, people do not fully comprehend that this blood is actually your MOST VALUABLE spiritual tool and weapon in this world.

Benefits Of The Blood Of Jesus

There are benefits that came with the blood of Jesus. Some things have be done for you that God wants you to walk in. Jesus shed his blood and died for you to have them so they are yours. And as yours it’s up to you to receive them and not look for God to give them. Like in Luke 15:29-31 in the parable of the prodigal son as long as he waited for the father to give him what was his he never got it. It was up to him to receive what was his. I want to talk about some of the benifits of the blood of Jesus and how to walk in them.

Gods work – No pain

Hello I’m now a 22 year old girl. Many years ago i started to get stomach pain and it came and left. Soon it started to get worse. And i didn’t go to the doctor because it wasn’t that bad at the beginning. Its just the type of person i am. I don’t eat painkillers unless its really bad. I don’t take medicine unless its really bad. I don’t cry if unless its really bad. So i didn’t go to the doctor because it was pain only a few times and not so often. But it got worse and worse and i couldn’t figure out what was wrong with me.


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