Internet ministry

I believe the internet and prophecy is my mission from Heaven, and that using the internet can most certainly bring the gospel to others,

I have used yahoo chat, as well as pal talk to prophecy, and I have even gone into the rooms of the lost with the biblical scriptures and prayers for healings

Jesus Continually

Do something for a person until he or she smiles.

per Jesus

Anointing a church member’s home

We need to go to a church member’s home tonight to anoint it. They are having a strong spiritual attack of the enemy — drug addiction, suicide. What is the Bible way of doing this?

Praying on your behalf

Hello…I have noticed that sometimes when we post things we dont get responses. This is completely understandable when there is so much we could possibly comment on and so forth. I will pesonally offer you my prayers. I just wanted to let evryone know that so that you wont feel discouraged and continue to post prayer request and so on. I hope that is ok with all of you. I have heard that the best thing to do when you are need is help out someone else. So that is what I am trying to do for all of you. God Bless


Retirement was a big adjustment I had to make when I quit working and moved to a high rise. I never dreamed I would be back in my old home town again. The high rise was situated along the river with a beautiful park across the street from the building. I spent many hours sitting on a bench meditating and wondering how I would spend my time. When I got tired of that I walked up and down the street where I took in the beauty of the river scene.

There is no transportation to be able to go shopping or visiting anyone.

Im Gods Propety

I as a youth voluntter in St. madiline sophie foundation I teach children how to be a good exxample to other, to make them reallize that god is true, that god loves a little children, every 1st and 2nd sunday of the month our group go to differnt area just to serve,.. cou’z I belive that children is our hope for a resorection of our country!

Doing evangelism, and how?

This seems to have been a bit of a concern for me for a while, and especially today, I’d like to enquire about how one best goes about doing evangelism, but I have a few problems concerning areas in which I might have sinned in this area.

Basically my problem concerns today, at least twice I feel as though I might have had urges to go somewhere and tell someone the gospel, which seems may have happened befre but havealways giiven up and tried to walk out of the situation without talking to anyone as either I’,m not sure what to say or whether these apparent urges are from God.


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