Finding God’s Will

Unless we practice the Lordship of Christ in all the areas of our lives, it is difficult to find the will of God in our lives and for our lives.

Man’s greatest honour and privilege is to do the will of God. This was what the Lord Jesus taught his disciples. He once said, that only those who did his Father’s will, would enter the Kingdom of Heaven (Matt. 7:21).

He also said that true brothers and sisters were those who do the will of God (Matt. 12:50).

Racing to enter Eternal Life

The Race and Pathway to enter Eternal Life

By C. Marie, author of The Holy Spirit and Christian Testimonies,

Life is a hard struggle where we constantly have to suffer and deal with different types of stressful confrontations that keep coming to us on constant flowing machine-like belts that unfortunately get presented to us, individually.

Mom’s Heaven and Hell Encounter

I can still remember when my mother became spiritually ‘born again’ in 1987. She woke up one morning to tell us about a troubling dream she had that night.

At that point in her life, she was greatly dismayed with the behavior of her evangelical church members and had made up her mind to stop attending that church. There was no spiritual fulfillment in her life and she wondered whether there could still be more to Christianity in spite of all the hardships of life she was experiencing.

To Hell and Back

Is Heaven and Hell Real?

Here’s one Medical Doctor’s Opinion

23hrs dead: She saw Famous People in Hell: Michael Jackson, Pope John Paul II, & others

Extract from “Prepare to Mett Your God” NDE/vision by Angelica Elizabeth Zambrano Mora, 18 years old, Ecuador. She testifies of being taken in a NDE by the Lord Jesus to visit Hell & Heaven, of seeing famous people in Hell, the Glories of Heaven and visions of the rapture & End Times. There is a lot more to the vision than what is posted below, please read the full vision in context on this link –

The Power of Healing Prayers to Break Evil

     The power of healing prayers are often underestimated. Many people remain skeptical if they have not seen first hand the miracles prayer can do. What most non-Christians do not understand is that when you have Jesus as your savior, prayer is all that is needed to break evil bonds like black magic and evil curses. Yes, all it takes is prayer.

Spiritual Protection

     The sad fact is that most Christians are completely ignorant in the concepts of spiritual protection. The theoretical knowledge has been taught, however the practical knowledge is missing. There are many Christians who contact me for help with evil problems, not knowing how to use Jesus and his Blood to defend themselves. The Blood of Jesus Christ is a master weapon in the arsenal of spiritual protection to fight evil forces.

Gods Message To His People

Hello Everyone,


How To Remove Black Magic and Demon Possession

     Finding out how to remove black magic is no easy task. Many people are searching everywhere they can to find someone to fix their spiritual problems. Most are turning to psychics and spiritualists which just makes everything a lot more dangerous. It is a problem that effects every person in every religion and culture and is growing progressively worse and more prevalent with each passing day.

Heart Attack and Stroke within six weeks of each other and still going strong!!!

TRESSIE TURNER—RUSTON, LA: I don’t know where I want to begin because I have so many testimonies of the Power of God in my life. I will start with the big one: I call it the big one because many people will feel that heart attacks and strokes are quite “big ones” to recover from.  I guess it was about five years ago, I was diagnosed with a heart attack. It was three days after my birthday. What a birthday present the devil tried to lay on me, huh?


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