The Power of God: part 1 of 2: To Be

The Power of God The most important thing a person can do before dying is to surrender his or her soul to Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord. But what power impels a person to do this? And beyond that, what powers are at work to determine the nature not only of the individual but […]

The God Who Hides Himself

The God Who Hides Himself An atheist once asked me, “Why does God require faith to go to heaven?” I will give you the answer I gave him in a moment, but first I want to show a connection between that excellent question and another, which is, “Why does God hide himself?” which can also […]

Many Truths about God in a Single Verse

“He who forms the mountains, creates the wind, and reveals his thoughts to man, he who turns dawn to darkness, and treads the high places of the earth–the Lord God Almighty is his name” (Amos 4:13 NIV).

This is a brilliant and succinct summary of all of history, the vastness of all of reality, and much of what we need to know about life–all contained in this one verse of the Bible. It is a message of eternity, origin, destiny, judgment, salvation, and the nature and character of God. Quite an accomplishment for just a few words and a single verse.


The purpose of this post is to inform.

To begin with, the word ONE does not necessarily mean the number 1, or one thing. I want to suggest to you that one can mean more than one. Here are some definitions that I took from Webster’s Seventh New Collegiate Dictionary printed in 1963 from page 589: Entry 1, definition 3b, part (1) says “CONSTITUTING A UNIFIED ENTITY OF TWO, OR MORE COMPONENTS”; entry 3, definition 1 says “THE NUMBER DENOTING UNITY.” Keep these definitions in mind as you continue reading.


Does God Truly Love Me?

I Know on this site at times we get so caught up in the conversations we are having that sometimes we forget to examine our own Hearts and truly listen to the Holy Spirit and what he is trying to say to others. Sometimes we are blunt with those whom have such tender hearts that they may take our words as us telling them that God doesn’t Love them. I Am not a vain woman and my feet are size, 11-12 in woman’s shoes. This means it takes quite a long time removing a foot from my own mouth, and I don’t have a surgeon in the family. I believe this is why God gave me such big feet.

We need God in Every part of our lives!

Lately all I see & hear from Kids, TV, & Professed Christians, that we are all gay and that Love should be accepted no matter if its man with man or woman with woman. I just want to clarify what I understand God to say about this subject. I know in Genesis that God could not find a mate for Adam and that Adam was both Male & female So god caused Adam to go into a deep sleep And Took thE woman out of Adam.

Creator God – Chapter One


The Bible begins with these words: “In the beginning God. . . .” The Bible does not prove the existence of God, but rather begins directly with God. The  first chapter of the Bible reveals that God is the Creator. The word “God” occurs 4,379 times in the Bible. Therefore let us know about this Creator God in our very first study.


Seven Words  Used  for God


“And I will wait on Thy name” Psalm 52:9c

Waiting is a life-long lesson. We learn to wait when we’re children. We conquer that kind of waiting (like for Christmas, our birthdays, summer vacation). Then, as adults we realize we have to wait for a lot of things especially in regard to our faith and prayer requests.

Looking up “wait on” in the Hebrew, I found something very thought provoking. This is part of it:

To Hell and Back

Is Heaven and Hell Real?

Here’s one Medical Doctor’s Opinion

The Testimony of how God picked me up out of the gutter I was living in

Hello All,

I wanted to share my short testimony and it goes like this: I was a sinner. I did sinful things, did not know Christ, was living like I was Satan’s brother, and one day I was sitting in Church and saw that I needed a Savior, I needed Christ. I then (at age 12) trusted in Christ.


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