Youth Delivered from Drugs, Porn, Masturbation, Depression

I’m Isaac Snuffer, 15, and here is the story of how God has changed my life completely.

I was raised in a Christian home, attending a church where God moved greatly as young as 2, and saw God move all the time. During this time I gave my life to Christ, but did not fully understand the power of God nor even who he was. All I knew was the basics of the faith taught in the nursery classes at churches.

Testimony of a Secret Christian student in Mumbai

Asha could not find the peace she was looking for in cyber-porn or wild living, but found it when she came to Christ through some Christian literature.

God’s Mercy on someone shipwrecked through Online Adultery

Wanda fell down from God’s caring hands through internet chatting and committed sins. But she repented on what she did and returned to the love of Jesus Christ. “We all can be saved, but if we need to see the world through God’s eyes we need to be crushed to be weaken so then we can be strong.”

A Way Out

Rhonda Miller had a bad relationship with a married man. but she started to feel ashamed on her and asked God to show her a way to come out from that situation. She realised that when we are tempted, God will also provide a way out so that we can stand up under it.

A Sinner Seeking to Be Saved

I was living a life with addictions. i was addicted to cigarettes, pot, porn. I had a filthy cursing habit. i cursed in every sentence i was guilty of
hating people, i was full of unhappiness, i had no peace because i was full of sin in my life i had no hope in where i would spend eternity. i would read
the bible and ask God to forgive me of my sins but the next day i would continue to not be changed. i never fully repented. you see i wanted to continue to partake in my sins and have forgiveness too. boy was i wrong.

Man Saved from Sexual Addiction

This testimony is about my husband and how he got free from sexual addiction. He came from a religious family (controlling). He became addicted to porn and masturbating. His family almost broke us up soon after marriage, and I was so upset all the time, he felt rejected by me. He used it as a comfort, so he went back to the porn and masturbation. He had had a problem with it in the past, but it had been fine up to this point when he felt rejected. Then it got BAD. The more he felt like he’d caused pain in my life, the more he hurt me, the more he turned to sexual sin.


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