Faith vs Fear

I’m a single mom, I’ve been praying that God bless me with a better job. You see, I’m nearly finished with my bachelors degree and all I need is my internship and to some how find a way to pay for the last three units. So I applied and was able to apply for graduation and hoped to find an internship and possible new job by summer. Well, the internship I thought would be approved wasn’t and I got two interviews out of no where, thank God. Yesterday, I interviewed and I thought it went well, and then they told me the position had been filled internally. I felt like a bafoon.

Deliverance from shyness

Hi. My name is Raeann. I am a 17 year old girl that used to be extremely shy. I attend a decent sized church, and in church I was usually just a spectator. I would never participate or worship God. The most I would do is clap; and even that was pushing limits for me. I was more than just quite. I was silent. I would not say a word to anyone when I was much younger. I would just smile when people talked to me , I would never answer them. I would nod my head when it was necessary when they asked me a question. I was so shy I wouldn’t even talk to my Aunt’s , Uncles, and cousins.

2011, No Fear.

I am afriad of what will come,
I am afraid that I dont have the strength to face it.

But God’s promises, he will be with me, as long as I am faithful to him.

Taking Your Peace

Psalm 119:165 Great peace have they which love thy law: and nothing shall offend them.

Urgent prayer request

I’ve been suffering from panic attacks for about 4-5 years now and I’m only 19. The fear is so crippling it stopped me from going to school which I had to quit and affects everything in my life. I am not fearful of an object or circumstance at all, i’m afraid of fear itself. I am always fearing that I will have a panic attack and then when I do I feel like I can’t cope and that I’m going to die.

Facing your internal conflicts

I want to bring this thought to you from a sermon I heard by Bishop T. D. Jakes. While preaching articulately about the boy who was demon possessed, Bishop mentioned about how the father of that boy had brought his son to Jesus for healing and yet he cried out to help his unbelief.


My Testimony – Part II

In this second part of my testimony, I’ll share about my fear and insecurities. But before that I want to confess some of my weakness that I had before the LORD delivered me from it.


My Testimony – Part I

Since sometime the LORD had put in my heart to share my testimony with people so that whatever the LORD had done in my life will also encourage others. It is said that a testimony is often more powerful than sermons. Here, as the LORD leads and gives me word to correctly express myself I decide to start writing my testimony as notes. And, may this bring Glory to God as I bring before you all the joy and sorrow, strength and weakness, freedom and fear and all the wonderful things that have happened in my life of 23 years.

How to Bounce Back from Losing your Ministry – Chapter 3 – Lion in a Pit on a Snowy Day


to Bounce Back from Loss of Ministry


lion in a pit on a snowy day


How to Bounce Back from Losing your Ministry – Chapter 2 – Be Productive

to Bounce Back from Losing Your Ministry




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