Practicing the Lordship of Christ

Which Way Lord?

By Dr. Chandrakumar Manickam

Chapter 1

Practicing the Lordship of Christ

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What do we actually mean by the term practicing the Lordship of Christ? It involves: (1) Authority,
(2) Ownership, (3) Devotion, (4) Dependence, (5) Priorities, (6) Yielding.

Wise and foolish builders

Recently started reading Matthew. I wanted to remind everyone of Jesus’ parable about builders.
Read the Beatitudes of Christ again and remember to practice everything he taught.
We all need to have a STRONG foundation and rock to build upon.
– Be a good example.
– Remember to practice the commandments
– Do not be angry with ANYONE. Hold your tongue.
– Say “no!” to lustful thoughts. Don’t put yourself in the situation to provoke lustful thoughts.
– Don’t cause your wife to become and adulteress.
– oaths – let no be no and yes be yes. Nothing further, that comes from the evil one.

Roller Coaster

I pray that God touches the people who read this and that the holy spirit works through me to help fellow brothers and sisters.

The last passed week has been one big roller coaster. God remains the victor!

As you could probably tell from my post on the deliverance and spiritual warfare forum I was having some issues.

I realized there was an idol in my life that I needed to get rid of. They may sound silly, but I think that’s what makes them powerful. (How innocent they are)

Looking Back

Over the last year the Lord has taken me so many things, it’s sometimes hard to remember everthing. One thing I feel I need to do now is give as many people the chance to hear what the Lord has done in my life since I committed my life to Him in 2001. I hope that my story will act as a source of hope and encouragement to people who suffer or know people who suffer with certain forms of mental illness such as depression, bi-polar and schizophrenia.

What is a Christian? What does the Bible say?

What is a Christian? Of course, words can mean whatever groups of people speaking a common dialect understand by them. The word “Christian” in popular usage has come to mean someone who has at least a loose affiliation with some kind of church, or who says that they are a Christian. Someone who pays some degree of lip service to Jesus Christ, at least in name only. If there is something more to really being a Christian, what is it?

I’m at the end of myself….

I’m at a complete end…I’m not sure where to go with this. This is probably gossip, but I have no choice, I need help.


I work at a Christian camp focused primarily on inner city youth from a local city. Every summer we bring around 200 kids to enjoy a free week of camp in which we present the Gospel to them and try to establish relationships with them. This fall we’re starting a discipleship program that is the reason for my being on staff. This is mainly an attempt to take the relationship even further and sort of ensure that they begin to grow in Christ.

Audio Sermons and Resources

This is a rather undeveloped section of the site, but there are plenty of resources which touch on this subject but don’t treat it as if for pastors.

If you are a pastor and wish to share some teaching here, please send to michael at so it can be considered for publication here. In this way, you can bless and help others with the valuable things you have learned.

New House Church in Brisbane, Australia

I believe God has led my family and I together with another Christian family to begin a house church in Brisbane, Australia. There is a growing trend towards hosting the meetings of the Body of Christ in private homes. This is the way Christianity first spread, and it will be way in the End Times Church also.

Steps in Being a Disciple of Jesus

This page is designed for Christians. It needs to be recognised that
we all need to grow in every one of the basic areas of Christian life.
The most important thing to the Lord is our heart attitude. Because the
Lord works on each of us individually, we need to follow His leading on
all things. Hopefully this page can be a tool in His hands though for some.

If you lack power in your Christian life, it could be due to a lack
of knowledge, or to a lack of obedience.

The Passage the Devil wanted out of your Bible

There are plenty of Bible-believing evangelicals and fundamentalists who say they believe the Word of God, but sadly you’ll not find nearly as many who believe the words of Mark 16:15-20. Some people stop at verse 15 in their believing, some at verse 16 but if it really is the Word of God, God wants us to believe it all, right up to the end of verse 20.


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